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STELLARIS-3P-HCC-EUSBD-STACK Texas Instruments Embedded USB OTG visit Texas Instruments
STELLARIS-3P-EXPLO-FILEX-FS Texas Instruments FileX visit Texas Instruments
STELLARIS-3P-MICDI-PEGPLUS-PGRT Texas Instruments smxFLog visit Texas Instruments
STELLARIS-3P-CMXSI-CMXRTX-RTOS Texas Instruments CMX-RTX visit Texas Instruments
STELLARIS-3P-IARS-KSK102-DEVBD Texas Instruments IAR KickStart Kit for LM3S102 visit Texas Instruments
STELLARIS-3P-MICRI-UCGUI-PGRT Texas Instruments C/GUI visit Texas Instruments

Sivaron S 669

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strapack s-669

Abstract: strapack Landsberg Telephone: (408) 436-8010 StraPack (Sivaron Model S-669, D52, and AQ-7) Altera Corporation , s s s s s J QFP JQFPBGA JQFP QFPBGA JQFPBGA JQFPBGA J QFP , QFPBGA QFPBGA QFPBGA JQFP JQFP ESD Antistatic s s s UVEPROM , 40×40 10 E20-04783-00 E20-02080-00 (1) 10 JQFP ESD s s s , Page 6 Altera Corporation AN 71: Guidelines for Handling J-Lead, QFP & BGA Devices s s
E20-03708-00 EIA-625 strapack s-669 strapack Sivaron S 669 MIL-I-8835A kbr 208 MIL-B-81705C E20-02078-00 E20-05952-00 E20-04431-00 E20-04740-00 E20-04743-00

strapack s-669

Abstract: Sivaron S 669 Model S-669, D-52, and AQ-7) Foam packaging Bubble wrap Ecotech Telephone: (408) 988-2050 , topics: s s s s s Handling J-Lead & QFP Devices Guidelines for Handling J-Lead, QFP & BGA , handling. Follow these guidelines when transporting or storing devices in tubes: s s s Keep tubes , . Follow these guidelines when inserting stoppers: s s s Seat stoppers firmly into both ends of the , contaminants. Place foam in tubes containing: s s s A gap inside the tube measuring 1/4 inch or
strapack d-52 CAMTEX camtex trays PQFP 176 J-Lead s-669 strapping machine velcro straps EIA/JEP113-A 800-EPLD