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Signetics NE564

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Abstract: Signetics AN 182 Clock Regenerator With Crystal-Controlled Phase-Locked VCO (NE564) Linear , Stream. The NE564, a versatile phase-locked loop (PLL) operating at frequencies to 50MHz, has inputs and outputs designed to be TTL com patible. The Signetics NE564 is used to generate the phase-locked , design. The NE564 Phase-Locked Loop is a fully contained system, including limiter, phase detector, VCO , system to be discussed, the portions of the NE564 imple mented are the input limiter, phase detector and -
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op037 NE564 equivalent 74HCT73 N644 signetics NE 564 OP037SCS AN182 DP03770S
Abstract: Sigmetics Integrated Circuits - Phase Locked Loop NE564 Series - Phase Locked Loop GENERAL DESCRIPTION The NE564 is a versatile, high frequency Phase Locked Loop designed for operation up to 50MHz. As shown in the block diagram, the NE564 consists of a VCO, limiter. phase comparator, and post detection processor. The NE564 is a monolithic phase locked loop with a post detection processor. The use of Schottky , addition to the classical PLL. applications, the NE564 can be used as a modulator with a controllable -
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signetics PLL NE564N fsk ne564 PHASE LOCKED LOOP pll fsk MODULATOR Scans-0010590
Abstract: Signetics AN 180 Frequency Synthesis with the NE564 Application Note Linear Products FREQUENCY SYNTHESIS WITH THE NE564 Frequency multiplication can be achieved with the PLL in two ways: a , Signetics Linear Products A p p lica tion Note Frequency Synthesis with the NE564 AN180 N I* , - , Frequency Synthesis With the 564 December 1988 4-260 Signetics Linear Products A p p lic a tio n Note Frequency Synthesis with the NE564 AN180 TCC ?««O S c. Circuit Implementation -
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Abstract: Signetics AN1801 10.8MHz FSK Decoder With NE564 Application Note Linear Products FSK , . NE564 Characteristics February 1987 4-264 Signetics Linear Products A p p lic a tio n N o , / -sec 7 radian (Lock range total) February 1987 4-263 Signetics Linear Products Application Note 10.8MHz FSK Decoder With NE564 AN1801 0.1,# o- It '¿E 10 0 ; too* j t ì r Figure 1. 10.8MHz FSK Decoder Using the NE564 FREQUENCY kHz NORMAUZEO LOCK M M E a -
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Abstract: Signetics AN 179 Circuit Description of the NE564 Application Note Linear Products CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION Of The NE564 The 564 contains the functional blocks shown in Figure 1. In addition to , 564. Figure 1. Schematic Diagram o f NE564 December 1988 4-252 Signetics Linear Products , 4-255 Signetics Linear Products A p p lic a tio n Note Circuit Description of the NE564 , Signetics Linear Products A p p lic a tio n Note Circuit Description of the NE564 AN 179 versely -
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IC NE564 PLL 564 schmitt trigger ecl
Abstract: Signetics AN181 A 6MHz FSK Converter Design Example for the NE564 Application Note Linear Products Design Example It is desired to design an FSK conve rter operating at 6M H z with deviation o f ± 1 % . Supply voltage is 5V. Input to the 564 is from a ra d io re c e iv e r w ith an a m p litu , . Interpolation gives ( 1 .4 0 - 1.25MHz) Kq - ( 0 .4 - 0 .2 V ) A f0 1A V 0 ; 38ns 4-266 Sìgnetics Linear Products A p p lica tion Note A 6MHz FSK Converter Design Example for the NE564 AN 181 -
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Abstract: circuits developed by Signetics, but they are based on frequency feed back technology which dates back 40 , of a single external component. Signetics makes three basic classes of single-chip PLL circuits', the , loops, it has been included in this section. Table 9-1 summarizes the characteristics of Signetics phase , the 1970 Signetics- EDN Phase Locked Loop contest. Every effort has been made to provide usable , to tun. The total capture and lock ranges of the system are: Phase Detector All Signetics phase -
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Signetics NE561 AM DEMODULATOR USING PLL 565 NE561 signetics ne561 Signetics NE562 566 vco
Abstract: PREFACE The linear LSI Division, one o f five Signetics divisions, is a m ajor supplier o f a , a tio n in this manual, Signetics assumes no lia b ility fo r inadvertent errors. Signetics , published at a later date. Signetics reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in order , Production This data sheet contains final specifications. Signetics reserves the right to make changes at , .8-31 A pp lica tion Notes by Part Number NE564 A N 146 Wideband FM Composite Video Fiber O p tic L i n -
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NE5205 SAA1029 equivalent TDA1060 TDA1060/k2645 equivalent NE5170 NE5180/5181 DAC800 NE5260 NE5212
Abstract: . 1627 Signetics reserves the right to make changes, without notice, in the products, including , performance. Signetics assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of any of these products, conveys , for illustrative purposes only. Signetics makes no representation or warranty that such applications , APPLICATIONS Signetics Products are not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems where malfunction of a Signetics Product can reasonably be expected to result in a personal injury -
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induction cooker fault finding diagrams Vernitron TRANSDUCER b2 tesla MAa 741 ne556 spice model XR558CP ADC0804-1CD
Abstract: -O7A 531-59 100 PMI DAC-IOOC 376-88 1004 MOS MCS1004 606-17 DAC-02BC 377-73 633- 4 376-86 Signetics , Harris HM-074 202-107 100X100 Reticon RA100X100 572-20 Signetics TDA1006 523-139 REF-02 572-180 075 , National AF100 671-19 National AM 1002 366-79 539-11 1120-16 LM100 569-26 1116-12 Signetics , 529-18 1101-18 DAC-100A 377-30 Panasonic MM 1003 614-40 639-17 1101-18 377-31 Signetics , 10136 Fairchild F10136 161-157 NEC (.PB10148 163-61 Signetics 10100 162-68 National DM10116 164 21 -
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A5 GNC mosfet AY-5-4057 mcm6830 SCL4016A/BE TAA761 TDA0470 AMI6800H AMI6800 VMI6800
Abstract: Signetics NE/SE564 Phase-Locked Loop Product Specification Linear Products DESCRIPTION T h e N E 5 6 4 is a v e r s a t ile , h ig h g u a r a n te e d fre q u e n c y p h a s e - lo c k e d lo o p d e FEATURES · Operation with single 5V supply · TTL-com patible inputs and outputs · Guaranteed operation to 50MHz · External loop gain control · Reduced carrier feedthrough · No elaborate , 14 16 8 3 8 4 5 6 3 .5 300 800 20 30 500 1500 20 50 40 20 50 NE564 UNIT Max Min 45 40 Typ 65 -
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SE564F E564N
Abstract: , 1217 Signetics Digital 1218-1283 Microprocessor 1938-2006 Linear 3889-3951 Memory 4470-4506 Custom -
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LM566 54HC563 uPD7002 uln2244 Toshiba DC MOTOR DGM 3520 2A TBA440 J26487 S-17103 54070Z CH-5404
Abstract: National t National OKI tR C A RCA tR C A RCA SGS tSG S SGS Signetics tS S S SSS Toshiba , National AH0139C National DG139A tSiliconix (Continued) SD210 SD211 SD214 SD215 Signetics Signetics Signetics Signetics 30 ±10 AM1000 t National ±15 AM1001 , f National  , ) (19(3) 0 to (Drive-4) 20 Signetics Signetics 100 CMOS SD212 SD213 50 SPST -
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74ls219 tca280 sy2114l SW201b sn76488 p8243 S2000 J24616 K25582
Abstract: 5143-5150 Xicor Military Memory 705-709 4583-4589 Micro Power Systems Signetics Zendex , -2 t Harris Harris intersii Signotics t Signetics |Signetics t Solitron £ 10 30 -
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TCA965 equivalent ULN2283 transistor GDV 65A cm2716 pbd352303 UAF771 DG211 DG300 DG308
Abstract: Miscellaneous SPEECH SYNTHESIZERS 115 M ilitary products (Signetics) 116 Discrete semiconductors -
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70146 triac tag 8518 X2864AD 7 segment display RL S5220 8377 motorola TC9160