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TFB2022AMFP Texas Instruments SPECIALTY MICROPROCESSOR CIRCUIT, MQFP240, METAL, QFP-240 visit Texas Instruments
TMS320VC5510GGWA1 Texas Instruments Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor 240-BGA MICROSTAR visit Texas Instruments
SM32VC5510AGGWA2EP Texas Instruments Enhanced Product Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor 240-BGA MICROSTAR -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments Buy
TMS320VC5510AZGWA2 Texas Instruments Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processors 240-BGA MICROSTAR -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments Buy
TNETX3110PGV Texas Instruments 11 CHANNEL(S), 600Mbps, LOCAL AREA NETWORK CONTROLLER, PQFP240, PLASTIC, QFP-240 visit Texas Instruments
V62/04605-01XA Texas Instruments Enhanced Product Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor 240-BGA MICROSTAR -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments

STK412 -240

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Abstract: stk412-230 Affected products STK350-230-E STK403-100-E STK412-240-E STK428-640-E STK350-250-E STK4065-E STK412-290-E STK453-060 STK350-430-E STK412-020A-E STK413-210A-E STK621-015-E STK350-530-E STK412-210A-E STK413-220AC-E STK621-331A-E STK394-710-E STK412-210-E STK413-230B-E STK621-331-E STK396-110A-E STK412-220AC-E STK413-230C-E STK621-431A-E STK396-120-E STK412-230B-E STK413-230-E STK621-515-E STK396-130-E STK412-230C-E STK413
SANYO Electric
STK412-210-E STK412-230C-E STK413-220A stk412-230 STK412 -240m stk412-290 STK412-230b stk412-210 STK412-240-E STK412-290-E STK412-020A-E STK412-210A-E STK412-220AC-E


Abstract: STK412 - 240 STK412-040 STK415-140-E STK402-030-E STK433-030-E STK402-920 STK433-930 STK412-040T STK415-140-E STK402-030S STK433-030-E STK402-920C STK433-930 STK412-090-E STK415 , -120-E STK412-000 STK415-100-E STK442-110-E STK433-120-E STK402-120S-E STK433-120-E STK412-000B STK415-100-E STK442-110I-E STK433-120-E STK402-230-E STK433-230A-E STK412-000J STK415-100-E STK442-120-E STK433-120-E STK402-240-E STK433-240A-E STK412-010-E STK415-120-E STK442
STK470-010A STK470-050A STK490-040 STK490-340 stk442-130 STK412 - 240 stk490-310 stk442-120 stk490-070 STK402-020-E STK402-700 STK412-040 STK412-040T STK412-090-E STK415-090-E


Abstract: M56730ASP -230 19.99 STK411-240 18.57 STK411-290 18.95 STK412-000 12.13 STK412-010 13.40 STK412-020 20.20 STK412-030 26.25 STK412-040 12.79 STK4121 5.27 STK412-150 29.95 STK412-170 25.95 STK4121II 8.19 STK412-210 14.95 STK412-220 12.59 STK412-230 25.95 STK412-240 14.95 STK4122II 5.27 STK412-410 16.95 STK412-420 27.95 STK412-430 18.89 STK413-000 10.59 STK413-020A 24.59 STK4131II 8.67 STK4132II 13.01 STK4141 12.65
MCM in One Catalog
M56730ASP PAC011A PAC010A UPC2581 PAL005A upc2581v A3141LUA A3212ELHLT A3280LLHLT A3515EUA A3515LUA A3516LUA


Abstract: STK411-220E New $ 711 Generic $ 335 Min. 29 pcs Min. 29 pcs Min. 29 pcs STK412-150 Zoom , -240E# STK411-240E* STK411-550E STK411-550E# STK411-550E* STK412-000 STK412-000# STK412-000* STK412-010 STK412-010# STK412-010* STK412-020 STK412-020# STK412-020* STK412-040 STK412-040# STK412-040* STK412-090 STK412-090# STK412-090* STK412-150 STK412-150# STK412-150* STK412-170 STK412-170# STK412-170* STK4132II STK4132II
Dalbani Catalog
STK411-230E STK411-220E FN1016 STRG6153 STK407-070B RSN313H25 TLF14712F TLF14718F TLF14731F TLF14531FV TLF14731F1A TLF14731F3A


Abstract: STK282-170-E -090-E STK415-100-E STK415-120-E STK415-130-E STK415-140-E STK412-150-E STK412-170-E 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 , ) ±55(85) ±53(77) 19-pin 19-pin 19-pin 19-pin 19-pin 22-pin 22-pin STK412-740-E 2 200Wx2 140Wx2 6 2.54 TBD 22-pin STK412-750-E 2 250Wx2 150Wx2 6 2.54 ±85(95) 22-pin STK412-770-E 2 300Wx2 180Wx2 4 2.54 ±77(95) 22-pin STK416
STK412-750 STK282-170-E STK350-530t stk*282-170 STK412 440 stk282 270 SELT2WA10C SELT2WC10C SELT2WD10C SELT2WE10C SELT2WF10C SELT2WH10C