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SR2CBL01 Schneider Electric Accessory, PC Programming Cable for Zelio2-Logic Relay 1 from $98.21 (Feb 2017) Allied Electronics Buy
SR2CBL01 Schneider Electric Nom Input Voltage:- from £97.06 (Feb 2017) Farnell element14 Buy
SR2CBL01 Schneider Electric Industrial Relays Zelio Logic 2 PC Programming Cable 3 from $122.05 (Feb 2017) Mouser Electronics Buy
SR2CBL01 Schneider Electric Connector Type A:D Sub 9 Position Receptacle; Connector Type B:-; Cable Length - Imperial:10ft; Cable Length - Metric:3m; Jacket Color:Grey ;RoHS Compliant: Yes from $110.57 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
SR2CBL01 Schneider Electric Zelio PLC to PC interconnection cable 22 from £50.3500 (Feb 2017) RS Components Buy
SR2CBL01 Schneider Electric Cable Assembly 3m 9 POS D-Sub from $101.77 (Feb 2017) Sager Buy
SR2CBL01 Telemecanique CABLE ASSEMBLY, ZELIO LOGIC, GREY, 3M 3 from $95.92 (Feb 2017) element14 Asia-Pacific Buy
SR2CBL01 Telemecanique CABLE ASSEMBLY, ZELIO LOGIC, GREY, 3M 5 from £50.35 (Feb 2017) Farnell element14 Buy

SR2 cbl01

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Abstract: relay - PC connecting cable (L = 3m) SR2 SFT01 SFT01 SR2 CBL01 Communication interface , connecting cable SR2 SR2 SR1 SR1 SR1 SR1 SR1 Accessories Documentation EEPROM memory card ... Telemecanique

8 pages,
600.4 Kb

sr2b121fu SR3B261B Zelio Relay SR2B201FU Zelio SR3B101BD telemecanique SR3B101BD sr2b121bd SR3B262BD sr2b201bd Telemecanique SR2B201FU telemecanique plc sr2 schneider sr2b121bd Schneider sr3b101bd SCHNEIDER SR3B261FU SR3B101BD SR2A201FU sr3b101fu SR2b201FU SCHNEIDER PLC SR3B261BD SR3B261BD sr3b261fu TEXT
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Abstract: específico Zelio soft 2 SR2 CBL01 CDROM SR2 SFT01 SFT01 3000/118.11 Utilization of the SR2 MEM02 MEM02 , SR2 COM01 COM01 1500 0281 71,2/2.8 2 12-24 V DC 27.5 1.08 59,9/2.35 12-24 V DC , Fusible 1 A Sicherung 1A Fusibile 1 A Fusible 1 A Fusível 1 A (1) SR2CBL07 SR2CBL07 Zelio 2 SR2 Bppppp SR2 Eppppp SR3 Bppppp I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 IB Modem RTC SR2 MOD01 MOD01 (1) (2) SR2 CBL07 CBL07 500/19.69 Zelio 2 COM IC 24VDC 24VDC 12-24 V DC Ou / Or / oder / Oppure ... Original

4 pages,
776.51 Kb

relay 240v COM01 sr2 com01 SR2MAN01EN SR2CBL07 Zelio SR2 cbl01 sr2 mod02 sr1 cbl01 zelio logic ZELIO SR1 CBL01 SR2MAN01FR safety relay se sr2 SR2COM01 Zelio SR3 CBL07 SR2MAN01SP Modem GSm sr2 mod02 ZELIO SR2 TEXT
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Abstract: : 3 m) SR2 SFT01 SFT01 Weight kg 0.200 SR2 CBL01 0.150 Back-up memory Description SR2 , I/O. SR2 B121BD B121BD Programming Programming can be carried out: b independently, using the , Permissible duration Protection V V mA mA WA ms SR2 B121JD B121JD 12 120 144 1.5 y 1 (repeated 20 times) Against polarity inversion SR2 B201JD B201JD 12 200 250 2.5 c 24 V , dissipated with extensions Micro-breaks Permissible duration Protection V V mA mA WA W ms SR2 ... Original

16 pages,
283.83 Kb

sr2 b121b B101B ZELIO SR2 SR2 E121FU A201BD B101FU Zelio SR2 D201BD MBU01BD zelio SR3 B101BD SR3 B261BD B201BD sr3 b101fu sr2 b201bd operation manual SR2 cbl01 SR2 A201BD SR2 B201BD user manual sr2 b201bd Zelio SR3 TEXT
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