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Abstract: . We at Yamaha thank you, and wish you years of enjoyment with your SPX90. CONTENTS PRECAUTIONS , careful handling. l VOLTAGE RATINGS Be sure the AC supply in your area is appropriate for your SPX90. , . l BACKUP BATTERY To ensure that User Programs are not lost when the SPX90's power is turned off , program Input jack This standard unbalanced mono 1/4" phone jack accepts the input signal to the SPX90. , soon discover many new and exciting applications for the SPX90's preset effect programs. 2. Press ... Yamaha

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Abstract: SYSTEM (PF85 PLUS QX5 DIGITAL SEQUENCE RECORDER PLUS SPX90 DIGITAL SOUND PROCESSOR PLUS RX5 DIGITAL , hands to play. The sound of the PF85 is processed via the exciting SPX90II, to add stereo reverb , QX5) and program changes to the SPX90II (to add just the right effect to each song, or part of a ... Original

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