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Abstract: PARTS NUMBERING pO SUBSTRATE £ +vcc OUTPUT Part Number SP111AIH SP111AIH SPI 11AMH 11AMH SPI 11AMH/883 11AMH/883* SP111BIH , connected to ground unless otherwise specified. SP111BIH PARAMETERS CONDITIONS TEMP M IN TYP M AX ... OCR Scan

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SP121BCH SP111BIH SP111AIH SP121 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: SP111AMH SP111AMH SPI 11AMH/883 11AMH/883* SP111BIH SP121BCH SP121BCH SP121ACP SP121ACP Operating Range -25°C to +85°C -55°C to +125°C -55°C to , +15V, -Vq q = -15V, and pin 8 connected to ground unless otherwise specified. SP111BIH PARAMETERS ... OCR Scan

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SP111 SP111BIH SP121 SP111/121 SP121 abstract
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Abstract: 2000 Burr-Brown Product Selection Guide Linear & Mixed Signal Products ® ©2000 LI-545 LI-545 Burr-Brown Corporation Printed in USA Burr-Brown Corporation Mailing Address: PO Box 11400 Tucson, AZ 85734 Street Address: 6730 S. Tucson Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85706 Tel: (520) 746-1111 · Twx: 910-952-1111 · Internet: Cable: BBRCORP · Telex: 066-6491 · FAX: (520) 889-1510 Immediate Applications Help: (800) 548-6132 The information provided herein is believed t ... Original

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hitec servo hs 55 ZELTEX 148 BB OPA2134 LM347 14 PIN hitec servo hs 311 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Analog Parts Index Digital Mixed-Signal Device Type Index Click on a device type to jump to its page Actuator Amplifier/Equilizer Mulitplier (Analog) Attenuator Average Power Supply Model Bipolar Transistor Bridge Driver Buffer (Analog) Connector Magnetic Core Current Regulator Diode Quartz Crystals Current Detector Current Driver Demodulator Diode Diodes and Rectifiers Filter Fluid Level Detector Ground Fault Interrupter Hall-Effect Generators Pentium Mercury Set IBIS IF System In ... Original

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Q2N1420 q2n2907a- Q2N1132 Q2SC1815 Q2N2907A Q2N4401 datasheet abstract
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SP111BIH Sipex Corporation Single General Purpose Op Amp - Precision,Low Drift

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