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SN75492 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
SN75492 N/A Semiconductor Reference and Application Handbook 1978 Scan
SN75492 N/A Interface IC/Device Data Book (Japanese) Scan
SN75492 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
SN75492 Texas Instruments (SN75491 / SN75492) MOS-to-LED Drivers Scan
SN75492A N/A Interface IC/Device Data Book (Japanese) Scan
SN75492N Fairchild Semiconductor Misc. Data Book Scans 1975/76 Scan
SN75492N Texas Instruments TI IC Scan


Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags
Abstract: > (Sea Note A) â'¢ OUTPUT < 10 ns â'" I L -ft) fl-CIOn GND-# SN75492. SN75492A Vss E TrÃ' CL."  , SN75491, SN75491A, SN75492, SN75492A MOS TO LED DRIVERS D235B, OCTOBER 1972-REVISED SEPTEMBER 1986 QUAD , Standby Power High-Gain Darlington Circuits description The SN75491, SN75491A, SN75492, and SN75492A are , quadruple segment drivers. The SN75492 and SN75492A are hex digit drivers. The SN75491 and SN75492 are , . The SN75491, SN75491A, SN75492, and SN75492A are characterized for operation from 0°C to 70 °C -
OCR Scan
SN76492A TIL360 SN75491AN sn76492 transistor 1yc SN75492 Texas 007SDM7 SN7S491 T-52-13-07 SN7B492 C55012
Abstract: â'" 66 â'" Hex MOS to LED Driver 75492/75492A fc°> ☠250mA Ì- > ? SN75492, SN75492A (each driver} 114, 3,5,8, 10, 121 â'"VWâ'" C I It, 7. 6, 7,9. 131 VSS" -w- ^ TO OTHER DRIVERS TO OTHER DRIVERS « a & It r - 9 Â¥ fit it & a « tS lé) MIN TYP MAX m n « V(ABS.) Y-GND Y-A Vss-all 10 (Atjpe1) \ 20 / V TI SN75492 SN75492A FC 75492/A tpd 39Q + 15pF Lâ'">H 300 ns NS DS75492 H-.L 30 ns MOT MC75492 PD ABS. 800 mW Sig AMD -
OCR Scan
Abstract: O-'â'""AV- -rt SN75491 OR SN75492 TSN754{i2 STROBE INPUT o-}â'"Wv- V Quad or Hex Relay Driver SN75491 OR SN75492 SN7S492 ftf Quad or Hex Lamp Driver SN75491 OR SN75492 SN 75492 < -tap)â'" 51 -
OCR Scan
PLA relay 75491
Abstract: Fairchild Semiconductors Semiconductors Linear I.C.'s - Interface Circuits SN 75491, SN75492 MOS To LED Segment and Digit Driver GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 75491 LED quad segment driver interfaces MOS signals to common-cathode LED displays. High output current capability makes the device ideal in time multiplex systems using segment address or digit scan method of driving LED's to minimize the , . SN75491N 35918G SN75492N 35919E CONNECTION DIAGRAM IN, E w| in4 E 1 E C, (3 ¡a c VDD E 23 VSS -
OCR Scan
75492 led digit driver quad 7 segment led display darlington circuits
Abstract: multidigit displays. This device is similar in operation to the SN75492, but has several advantages over the -
OCR Scan
SS012 sn75494 75494 T-52-13- SN75494 1983-HEVISED
Abstract: 75154 75492C SN75492 75207C SN 75207 75492A C SN 75492A SN75234 SN75234 5 12 , 5 2 3 5 S N 55234 IT T 4 9 2 SN75492 IT T 5 5 3 2 4 S N 55324 IT T 4 9 3 S N -
OCR Scan
sn55470 SN75326 SN75426 SN75270 SN75497 sn75493 C931610 C932410
Abstract: SN75453B SN75454B SN 75460 SN75461 SN75462 SN75463 SN75464 SN75491 SN75492 MOTOROLA ORDER , SN75491 SN75492 RAYTHEON ORDER INFORMATION E X A M P LE OF O R D E R COOE: R P refix M Tem -
OCR Scan
SN72304 sn55450b SN72723 38510/MACH D012120 D012110 D012220 D011410 DO12520
Abstract: MC10231P 2037 MC1037P 2910 2602N 1698 SN74111N 1698 SN75491N 1698 SN75492N 1698 TMS0105NC 1698 , 1698 SN54S40J 1698 SN75492N 2037 MC14503BCP 2037 MC14174BCP 1698 AC5947NF 3406 IMD2911 ANC 1698 -
OCR Scan
TIL702 TIL701 TIL81 til78 phototransistor TIL313 TIL393-9 LCC4230-D EPN4050
Abstract: SN75481N SN75490N SN75491AN SN75492AN SN75491N SN75492N SN75493N SN75494N SN75496N SN75496AN , SN75478P SN75479JG SN75479P SN75480N SN75481N SN75490N SN75491AN SN75492AN SN75491N SN75492N , * SN75474JG SN75474P SN75491N SN75492N //A7805CKC //A7806CKC //A7808CKC M 7812CKC //A7815CKC M7818CKC , A M 2 6 S 1 1MJ AM26S11MJ SN75492N ULN2001AJ ULN2001AN ULN2002AJ ULN2002AN ULN2003AJ , SN75463JG* SN75463JG SN75463P SN75464JG* SN75464JG SN75464P SN75491N SN75492N SN75493N SN75494N -
OCR Scan
A5 GNC mosfet TMM142 TDA0470 TCA280 TAA761 SCL4016A/BE AMI6800H AMI6800 VMI6800
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