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SMD 22 Visual Communications Company LIGHT PIPE COUPLERS; No. of LEDs:1LED's; Holder Type:Mount; Product Range:-; Accessory Type:Surface Mount Coupler; External Diameter:3.912mm; External Length:8.712mm; Holder Colour:Black; Holder Material:Nylon ;RoHS Compliant: Yes 257 from $0.2490 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
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Abstract: ceramic monolithic Capacitor chip ceramic X7R 0603 Diode rectifier GPP SMD 0.001 ÂuF Diode Schottky 3 A rectifier LED green surface mount Diode recovery rectifier LED green surface mount Diode Schottky dual series Rev. B | Page 38 of 48 100 pF 0.01 ÂuF 8.2 pF 10 ÂuF 0.33 ÂuF , _DIGITAL TP201 TP201 5V_SUPPORT AGND 10UF 10UF 10UF C235 C237 C239 0.1UF C232 0.1U F C234 C236 , , C601, C604 C201, C232, C234, C236, C238, C240 6 4 C202, C203, C204, C207 7 6 C206 ... Analog Devices

48 pages,
5882.49 Kb

ST DIODE C522 C529 DIODE smd c531 diode smd DIODE SMD R532 epson main c224 FL201 C517 equivalent L404 R616 R617 smd diode c410 smd diode c525 smd diode c527 HSMS-2812BLK UG-294 AD9644/AD9641 UG-294 UG-294 AD9644/AD9641 AD9644/AD9641 TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: ,C125,C126, C127,C128,C133,C134,C135, C136,C137,C138,C139,C140 C144,C145,C236 C146 D7,D1,D16,D17 D2,D3 , 4 12 1 1 1 39pF .001UF 001UF SCHOTTKY DIODE Green LED (2mA SOT23) Orange LED (2mA SOT23) ATX-PWR , -40 TSOP-44 TSOP-44 DIP Flash Boot Only DIP-32/0 DIP-32/0.6" SSOP5-P DGG-48 DGG-48 DGG-48 DGG-48 SMD TH PQFP-160 PQFP-160 SO-8 PQFP-80 PQFP-80 SSOP28 SSOP28 , PCB Footprint SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD Part Spec ECLIPTEK ECSMA-25 ECSMA-25.000M ECLIPTEK ECSMA-24 ECSMA-24.000M ECLIPTEK ... Advanced Micro Devices

7 pages,
14.11 Kb

c124 transistor SMD DGG TRANSISTOR transisTOR C123 c184* transistor transistor NPN c115 TRANSISTOR SMD 2X4 transistor NPN C124 c228 diode smd SMD C236 DIODE TRANSISTOR c231 C134 transistor transistor C147 transistor c223 Transistor c226 c143 transistor Transistor c233 transistor C144 c225 diode smd C144 transistor transistor C143 TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: , C218,C219,C220,C221,C222, C223,C224,C225,C226,C227, C228,C229,C230,C231,C232, C235,C236,C237,C238,C239 , , Right Angle DIODE, 10mA, Vf=1V, Vr=75V, DL-35 DL-35 DIODE, 1A, Vf=0.3V, Vr=15V, SMB LED, Red, 20mA, 2V, 6mcd , MO-161 MO-161 MO-161 MO-161 LEDRA DL-35 DL-35 SMB 1206 1206 DIODE, If=300mA, Vf=1V@50mA, Vr=70V, SOT-23 DIODE , angle PCB mount XFMR, SMD SOCKET, PLCC32 PLCC32, Rectangle, Low Insertion Force, Low Profile SOCKET, Socket 7 ... Advanced Micro Devices

12 pages,
31.64 Kb

PCS6104CT-ND P474G microchip C225 c228 diode smd SE3441-ND BAV99DICT-ND epson t60 C245 npn panasonic br1225 M5819-P S5920Q BAV99DI NPN C246 diode c248 BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R c227 diode BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R MOSFET R166 BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R C312 diode BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R NPN C239 BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R 5-pin smd c255 BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R M5819P BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R BR1225-1VC BR1225-1VC ECS-T1CX106R ECS-T1CX106R TEXT
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Abstract: , C236, C238, C240 470uF Low ESR CAP TANT LOESR 470UF 470UF 10V 20% SMD E AVX Corporation , Ferrite FERRITE 200MA 200MA 1000 OHM 0603 SMD Steward HZ0603B102R-00 HZ0603B102R-00 3 6 C2, C3, C164, C165, C180, C181 10uF 16V T CAPACITOR TANT 10UF 16V 10% SMD Kemet Corporation T494B106K016AS T494B106K016AS or , , C198-C203 C198-C203, C216-C221 C216-C221, C223, C226 0.01uF CAP 10000PF 10000PF 16V CERAMIC 0402 SMD Panasonic - ECG , ECJ2FF1A106Z ECJ2FF1A106Z or equivalent 8 2 C167, C184 470uF 6.3V T CAP TANT 470UF 470UF 6.3V 20% SMD Kemet ... Seiko Epson

31 pages,
845.78 Kb

CC0603JRNPO9BN101 diode pj 33 diode u1G diodes k2 6pin on semiconductor U1J LL4148-1 smd diode u1j sot23-5 SMD CODE E5 AA19 smd diode c228 diode smd c225 diode smd AA7 smd diode C216-C221 S1D13771 S5U13771B00B R118-R122 S1D13771 S5U13771B00B SMD capacitor aa4 aa5 S1D13771 S5U13771B00B C210-C215 S1D13771 S5U13771B00B yageo R68 choke S1D13771 S5U13771B00B CC0402KRX7R9BB102 S1D13771 S5U13771B00B S1D13771 S1D13771 S5U13771B00B S5U13771B00B X82A-G-001-01 TEXT
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Abstract: , C155, C157, C158 C175 C177 C252 C202, C204, C206, C217, C219, C226, C236, C238, C251, C271 C152 , CAP TANTALUM 10UF 6.3V 20% SMD Kemet 7 C215, C241, C243, C249, C261, C263, C269 10u , , BAT54WS BAT54WS MBR0530 MBR0530 33n 110n 200n EXC-CL4532U1 EXC-CL4532U1 100u 4.7u 0 DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 200MW 200MW SOD-323 DIODE , Inductor 0603CS 0603CS Series BEAD CORE 4.5X3.2X1.8 SMD INDUCTOR UNSHIELDED 100UH 100UH SMD 4.7uH LPS3008 LPS3008 Series Low Profile Power Inductor RES ZERO OHM 1/16W 1/16W 5% 0402 SMD Diodes Inc ON Semiconductor Coilcraft ... National Semiconductor

16 pages,
1914.61 Kb

Panasonic LQ 9534B OPA BASEBAND MHZ b 951 cvhd-950 rxw series panasonic capacitor 100u 63V SMD c237 c225 capacitor smd smd schottky diode c148 Crystek CVHD TSF153F diode C237 RD-179 Diode 1_b SMD RD-179 SMD C236 DIODE RD-179 c225 diode smd RD-179 RD-179 RD-179 TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: -4p-mnt4, JACK-USB;-,-,-,-,diode, DIODE-SWITCHING;MMBD4148 MMBD4148,75V,200MA 200MA,SOT-23,TP diode, DIODE-RECTIFIER;MBR0540 MBR0540,40V,0.5A,SOD-123,TP diode, DIODE-SCHOTTKY;B140,40V,1000MA 1000MA,DO-214AC DO-214AC,TP sdiode, DIODE-RECTIFIER;B340A B340A,40,3A,SMA,TP zdiode, DIODE-ZENER;5245B 5245B,14.25-15.75V,225MW 225MW,SOT-23,TP diode, DIODE-SCHOTTKY;MMBD301 MMBD301,30V,0mA , , 7sz125, IC-CMOS LOGIC;7SZ125 7SZ125,SIGNAL BUFFER,SOT-23,5P,-,-,T led, LED;SMD(H),SMD,TR ... Original

20 pages,
158.2 Kb

SLB9635TT1.2 samsung R519 BC658 smd diode c739 SLB9635TT12 bc667 smd diode R646 BC693 smd diode c640 BC675 BC609 smd diode R645 smd diode C645 BC625 MMBD4148 200MA DIODE SMD c336 MMBD4148 200MA BC679 MMBD4148 200MA smd diode c644 MMBD4148 200MA bc657 MMBD4148 200MA C1093 MMBD4148 200MA BC647 MMBD4148 200MA MMBD4148 MMBD4148 200MA 200MA MBR0540 1000MA DO-214AC B340A 5245B 225MW MMBD301 100MA PGB1010603NR -/-/1000V EIA-RS481 DA204K MMBT3904 MMBT3906 DTA114YUA 10K/47K SI4435DY BSS84 BSS138 SI2307DS FDS6680A SI2315DS SI4816DY FDC653N FDS8958A 30/30V IRF7832 IRF7821 J2501 J2502 D1000 D2004 ZD500 D2000 D2001 D2002 D2003 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2008 Q1000 Q2500 Q2506 Q1001 Q2501 Q2502 Q2503 Q2504 Q2505 FDS4935A SSM3K7002FU IRF7904 TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: capacitor chip monolithic ceramic C0G 0402 Diode rectifier GPP SMD Diode Schottky 3-amp rectifier LED green surface-mount Diode recovery rectifier Diode Schottky dual series 100 MHZ inductor ferrite bead , , C538, C539, C540, C541, C542, C543, C544, C545, C546, C547, C548, C601, C604 C201, C232, C234, C236 , type Connector-PCB SMA ST edge mount 0 Ω resistor jumper SMD 0805 (SHRT) 1 μH inductor SM 1 μH , GCM188R71C474KA55D GCM188R71C474KA55D Murata GRM1555C1H391JA01D GRM1555C1H391JA01D Diode, Inc. S1AB-13 S1AB-13 MCC SK33A-TP SK33A-TP Panasonic LNJ314G8TRA LNJ314G8TRA Micro ... Analog Devices

28 pages,
2749.46 Kb

SMD fuse P110 smd diode R648 smd diode c548 R221 CAPACITOR GUIDE c241 C538 smd diode smd diode c539 GRM155R71H103KA01D UG-293 AD9643/AD9613/AD6649/AD6643 TEXT
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