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DATALOG-M24LR-A STMicroelectronics Datalogger Reference Board For The M24LR64-R Dual Interface EEPROM visit Digikey
CS4385-CQZR Cirrus Logic D/A Converter, 1 Func, Serial Input Loading, PQFP48, LEAD FREE, MS-022, LQFP-48 visit Digikey
CS43L21-CNZR Cirrus Logic D/A Converter, 1 Func, Serial Input Loading, 5 X 5 MM, LEAD FREE, MO-220, QFN-32 visit Digikey
CS4340A-KSZ Cirrus Logic D/A Converter, 1 Func, Serial Input Loading, PDSO16, 0.150 INCH, LEAD FREE, MS-012, SOIC-16 visit Digikey
CS4344-CZZ Cirrus Logic D/A Converter, 1 Func, Serial Input Loading, PDSO10, 3 MM, PLASTIC, MO-187, TSSOP-10 visit Digikey
CS4392-KZZ Cirrus Logic D/A Converter, 1 Func, Serial Input Loading, PDSO20, 4.40 MM, LEAD FREE, MO-153, TSSOP-20 visit Digikey


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Abstract: development of the transistor, on the expectation that complex electronic systems would have to depend more and more upon quality semiconductor devices, Accordingly, Transitron decided to concentrate on , 2N730 2N731 2N734 2N735 2N736 2N738 2N739 2N740 2N743 2N744 2N753 2N754 2N755 2N756 2N756A , has resulted in the concentration of its production capability first on a family of digital , effort on this family has resulted in an unprecedented number of different circuit functions and gates -
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2N60B 2N60C 2N277 N1702 L204A 2SA63 2N390A 2SB311 2N34A 2N43A 2N44A 2N59A 2N59B 2N59C
Abstract: re range is 5.0 volts. The data of th is specification enum erated on pages 2 and 3 and the , ). A dditional propagation delay data is given on Pages 4 and 5 of th is specification , Fairchild Semiconductor Dab Cataloi 196! The Fairchild Semiconductor Data Cataloc â'" an , How to Use the Data Catalog SECTION II INTEGRATED CIRCU ITS I.C. Index â'" Numerical Sequence , of Devices Cross Reference Data Sheets Coming Soon â'" Products to be Announced E. 4-1 4-2 Transitron
IN2222A transitron catalog TM106 TCR43C TCR43 IN4868 diode
Abstract: Introduction This is N ational S em iconducto r's latest handbook on discrete sem i­ co nd u , transistors. M ore part numbers w ill be added as m arket needs expand. To keep current on all new National , placed on the custom er m ailing list. H ow to Use This Catalog Find the basic transistor type num ber in the Standard Parts Listing w hich begins on page v. T h is w ill reference a page num ber fo r , num erical order and that section begins on page 77. Refer to the Package O utlines beginning on -
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1n813 fairchild UA703 equivalent 2N2369 AVALANCHE PULSE GENERATOR FD200 diode 2N3137 2N3303 BR-BR-0034-58
Abstract: INTRODUCTION This is Micro Electronics latest short form catalogue on discrete semi-conductor , reference on the characteristics o f our products. Separate data sheets for a particular device also are , the end o f the catalogue. Finally, a brief account on the â'MERITâ' quality program imposed by , C) L) C C OL OL OL OL OL NN N C C C N N N N N T T T O T T OL) C L T C L OL OL OL OL OL L O N N O ON NNNNNN O O ON N O N N T OL T OL "'t "'fr "'t "'t "'fr "'fr ON ON zNC zNC Z zNC zNC zNC zNC zNC zNC -
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2N3680 BC413 BF173 BF195 equivalent bf197 BFY39
Abstract: Fairchild Semiconductor T ransistor and Diode Data Catalog 1970 The Fairchild Semiconductor Transistor anc Diode Data Catalog is an all-inclusive volume of product information covering diodes anc transistors. Selection guides and data sheets fot each category of products assist you ir , Index Data Sheets B. Plastic Miniature Transistors Numerical Index Data Sheets C. Switching , Index Data Sheets D. Diodes Numerical Index Computer Diode Selection Guide Computer Diode Numerical -
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1.0 k mef 250 ME4003 transistor bf 175 transistor BC 172B SE-5023 ME4002 BAX15 BAX16 BAX17 BAX88 BYX10 BYX22-200
Abstract: Notes on This Fi rst Edition This first edition of TI's Integrated Circuits catalog contains currently published data sheets covering SOLID CIRCUIT® semiconductor networks. As new data sheets are , ® catalog. This catalog replaces collections of loose integrated circuits data sheets. Many of the data , give your present collection to a co-worker who can make use of it; the largest part of the old data , . T CONTENTS Page How to Use the Indexes 2 Table of Data Sheet Contents 3 Integrated -
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MT1115 mt1039 transistor bc 554 pnp UA739 equivalent mt1038 germanium transistor
Abstract: Info-Central (6 0 3 } 224-1961 extension 255 Get data on Spragueâ'™s chips and packages. V/rite to , feelings pro or con on any aspect of this issue. Since most of our data is computerized, we can massage , single-ended or differential input on all ranges, high common mode rejection ratio, complete triggering , associated only with high frequency scopes. For full details on the new HP dc to 500 kHz variable , r com parison, co m p u ta tio n , and display. A ll co n tro ls on the D VM are re m o te ly Texas Instruments
930 dtl la 4508 ic schematic diagram sn15846n eel 19 2005 transformer sn524a J 5027-R
Abstract: to enable fast identification of the most suitable devices for your application. The information on , 2N718A 2N720A 2N721 2N722 2N735 2N736 2N743 2N744 2N753 2N2484 BFR18 BSX19 BSX20 2N2369A , lead forming is necessary to allow a sui­ table fit of a transistor on to a PCB. With or without , could adversely effect the transistors. I) Space the lead holes on the PCB to match the foot print of the transistor II) Avoid lateral stress or excessive pressure on the ends of the -
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pa189 pt 3570 trw rf RCA SK CROSS-REFERENCE 2N2505 2N3017 40659
Abstract: Data Book for Design Engineers Texas Instruments INCORPORATED TYPE NUMBER INDEX GLOSSARY TRANSISTOR SELECTION GUIDES TRANSISTOR INTERCHANGEABILITY TRANSISTOR DATA SHEETS TRANSISTOR CHIP CHARACTERIZATION , INTERCHANGEABILITY DIODE DATA SHEETS SENSISTORS® TI Worldwide Sales Offices ALABAMA: Huntayille, 4717 University Dr , . Texas Instruments INCORPORATED The Transistor and Diode Data Book for Design Engineers First Edition , DIODE DATA BOOK Since 1954, when Texas Instruments introduced the first silicon transistor to the -
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BC350 BSX19 equivalent BCW10 bcw17 BF294 BFV64 BC142 BC160 BC177 BC179 BC286 BC287
Abstract: GENERAL INFORMATION INFORMA TI ON GENERALE DATA SHEETS NOTICES Index Index Selection guide Guide de , BD 678, A TPu 75 âºBC 416 395 âºBCY 69 459 BD 679, A TPu 75 Data sheets in this book (1 ) Other , 709 711 713 713 719 719 727 727 733 733 739 739 745 â  Data sheets in this book Notices dens ce , ESM 259 TPu 75 âºSO 3966 906 BUX 42 TPu 75 ESM 260 TPu 75 âºSO 4091 906 Data sheets in this , 2221 907 âºTE 2907 907 Book(1) Catalogue ' Data sheets in this book Notices dans ce catalogue (1 -
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LG color tv Circuit Diagram schematics free transistor equivalent book 2sc KIA 4318 transistor cs 9012 Til 322A sx3704 3186J CA90245
Abstract: computers, to eliminate guesswork on product availability. With these leased lines, they can tell you exactly what we have on hand, how much it costs, when we will ship, when more products will arrive, and , manufacturers on hand at Newark in quantity to.see that you get the off-the-shelf deliveries you need. .of , catalog has been ie industryâ'™s leading ourcebook on electronic omponents. And itâ'™s our general guide , contains omplete technical speci-cations, parameter data nd selection guides. Itâ'™s our product guide for -
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brochage des circuits integres H3C1-07 LB 124 transistor equivalente transistor A2222 equivalent of transistor bc212 bc 214 SESCOSEM transistor 3154-S
Abstract: Suggestions on the Use and Replacement of T ran sisto rs , on careful analysis of important parameters of the listed devices. The information has been , , student or electronics experimenter). We have included hints on handling transistors, installation , (and thus the need for replacement). Also, a com­ plete section on the specifications for each of the , intensity of the equal and opposite force which acts on the lead going into the device. It is always a -
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CD4004AE 10CW5 FJ CHEMICALS rust remover stk 412 490 diagram 2G700 9799-G 018C1
Abstract: applications. See selector-guide index on page 201. â'¢ COMPLETE DATA SHEETS IN . . . DEVICE SPECIFICATIONS COMPLETE DATA SHEETS 2N . . . & 3N . . . DEVICE SPECIFICATIONS COMPLETE DATA SHEETS IN-HOUSE , device number indicates specific Data Sheet on which device is characterized. The codes listed below , Data Book Updating Service I Table of Contents How to Use the Data Book I > INTRODUCTION , complex functions and custom arrays. See index on page fC -2. DIMENSIONED DEVICE OUTLINES -
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LS 2027 audio amp 980510 2sb337 S9510 2N407 transistor 2N339
Abstract: Diode Data Book for Design Engineers T e x a s In s t r u m e n t s IN CO RPO RATED TYPE NUMBER INDEX GLOSSARY TRANSISTOR SELECTION GUIDES TRANSISTOR INTERCHANGEABILITY TRANSISTOR DATA , PRODUCT SPECTRUM DIODE SELECTION GUIDES DIODE INTERCHANGEABILITY DIODE DATA SHEETS SENSISTORS , : A ritM tw Height*, 515 W. A lg on qu in . Arling ton H eig hts. IL 8 0 00 5, (31 2) 6 4 0-3 00 0 , icM w n d , 39 30 Beulah R d. R ichm on d. VA 23 23 4. (804) 275-8 14 8. 00 WASHINGTON:Bellevue -
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transistor c2060 IN939 2N869A C943 transistor diode germanium 1n283 Germanium drift transistor AN-134
Abstract: , testing and initial selection. The tables on page 1-3 define the ratings and characteristics quoted in , Sections 3 and 4 are itemized on the inside of the back cover. VALUES QUOTED All values quoted are , can be accepted for inaccuracies in any form whatever. For full technical information on any device the user is advised to consult the data issued by the manufacturer. AVAILABILITY Inclusion of a , invited to send details of any inaccurancies or omissions you may observe, or comments on the contents -
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IC HXJ 2038 1N52398 tfk 102 cny 70 DB5T hxj 2038 rca 40361 transistor
Abstract: : Reverse Recovery Time Reference device number indicates specific Data Sheet on which device is , device number indicates specific Data Sheet on which device is characterized X = V cex U = V ce , GDS = DGO = DGS = DS = DSX â'" Reference device number indicates specific Data Sheet on which , reference column indicates the first device number listed on the page in the Data Book or Supplement where , Semiconductor Data Book originally published in July 1969. It is produced to keep an up-to-date listing o f the -
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BD245C cross reference SEMICON INDEXES T0226 T0237
Abstract: INTEGRATED CIRCUITS CATALOG Notes on This First Edition T his first e d itio n of T I 's In te g ra te d C irc u its c atalo g co n ta in s currently published data sheets covering SO LID C IR C U IT® semi conductor networks. As new data sheets are published, they will be dis tributed for , of loose integrated circuits data sheets. M any of the data sheets in this book have been revised , co-worker who can m ake use of it; the largest part of the old data is still current. Note that certain -
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1N5438 tfc 5630 germanium 2N4193 1N1319 A2023 transistor 1N1803 1N1836 1N1816 2N3375 2N4391 2N4392
Abstract: â'™â vV '-tv v 't i D.A.T.A., Inc. A Cordura Company 9889 Willow Creek Rd. P. (). Bjx , Emeryville, CA 94608 D.A.T.A. Inc., is a subsidiary of CORDURA PUBLICATIONS. INC. 9889 Willow Creek Rd , . Price! by D.A.T.A. Inc., 9889 Willow Creek Rd., P.O. Box 26875, San Diego, CA 92126. Second-class , change's to D.A.T.A. Inc , P.O. Box 26875, San Diego, CA 92126. TECHNICAL SECTIONS Low-Power Transistor , . This section includes additional switching data. 13. Darlington Transistors -
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inverter ccfl SP 5001 IC INVERTER B1027 SLA 5017 transistor kc 2026 ic est 7502 850 va inverter schematic diagram
Abstract: compilers and publishers. All material herein is presented as a careful summary of data on semiconductors, but with no warranty of its accuracy or of its completeness. Data may change without notice. Th is data is intended only for, and limited to, the guidance of the user. No representation whatsoever about , user must refer to the manufacturer's data for full information on any device. No mention is made of any proprietary rights, patents, trade marks, etc. pertaining to any data presented. The absence of -
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2N3349 ASI 2n6258 rca 201069F S-171 CH-5400
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