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S1613 GPS

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Abstract: 25 FN 2.5V S1614 S1614 x L 1.544 ~ 149.99 25 FN 3.3V S1613 x U 150 ~ 166 , Set Top Box x x x GPS, Navigation PMP Player, MP3, MP4 Multimeda x x x x ... Original

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32.768KHZ crystal oscillator smd G4 32S12C NTF3238 portable mp3 mp4 player S1577 SMD F9 smd transistor kn ST1307 ST1317 ST1517 STM-192 S1613 GPS ST1507 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Smart phone, GPS Registered DIMM PLL & Registered Buffer Server, Storage 58 1.2V, 1.5V , OC -48 (STM-192 STM-192) Cellular Handset x x x x x x GPS, Navigation x x x , Player, MP3, MP4 WiFi, 802.11a/b/g/n PX GPS, Navigation SX YD PR,LR YN, FR x , 4 Low Jitter 1~166 ... Original

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broadlight STi711 PM8011 PI6C557-05 LSi SAS2108 STI5202 pas6401 legerity le88221 PAS6201 SAS2108 STI7109 PAS5201 Teknovus TW2834 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Smart phone, GPS Registered DIMM PLL & Registered Buffer 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V Ultra , Product Series GB, GG XTAL x x x x GPS, Navigation x x x x PMP Player , S1613 Product SX FD FK FJ 2.5 x 2.0 CMOS 3.3V SMD Ceramic 4 1~75 ... Original

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XTAL 40MHZ SMD w16 SMD sot23 transistor smd w16 smd diode code g3 saronix g4 crystal 32768 smd code KN PT7C4302 XTAL 5V DIP8 XTAL 32.768K W16 sot 23 PI49FCT805T HC49 smd smd w16 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Signal Integrity Signal Integrity Solutions from Pericom Poor signal quality can significantly impact system performance and reliability. Maintaining eye-pattern signal integrity at the receiver end-points in high-speed, serial-differential protocols, like PCI Express, SATA2 or USB 3.0, is a big challenge for system designers. At high transmission rates, signal integrity issues become increasingly restrictive on the length of PCB trace (or cable length), reducing flexibility and featu ... Original

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serdes hdmi optical fibre PI2EQX6814 PI3EQX6701 PI3HDMI245 PI3HDMI336 PI2EQX8804 PI7C9X111SL HDMI TO VGA MONITOR PINOUT PI7C9X111 PI3EQX5701 PI7C9X440SL datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Table of Contents PAGE 2 3 About Pericom Applications 13 Products - Signal Integrity 14 17 18 19 PCI Express ReDriver SAS/SATA/XAUI ReDriver Digital Video Signal Integrity (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI) USB3 ReDriver 21 Products - Connectivity 23 25 27 33 35 45 49 52 53 Bridge Packet Switch Application Specific Signal Switch Analog Signal Switch Digital Bus Switch Logic Interface LVDS Memory Modules Translators 57 Products - Ti ... Original

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MARKING W16 SOT23 PI2EQX8864 PM8004 PMC PI7C9X111 PI7C9X112SL HDMI TO VGA MONITOR PINOUT PAS5201 PI3EQX5701 pi3eqx6701 PI7C9X111SL PI7C9X440SL IC ax 2008 used for mp3 player IC ax 2008 USB FM PLAYER datasheet abstract
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