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368-240-318 EDAC Inc STP POL KEY visit Digikey Buy
3-1423176-5 TE Connectivity Ltd EGPGC2026004=EGPG W/ SKT, STP KIT visit Digikey
PA2674 Greenlee Textron Inc DIE SET MOLEX STP RJ45 6.0MM CBL visit Digikey Buy
17-103204 Conec Corporation RJ45 CAT 5E STP OUTDOOR ETHERNET visit Digikey Buy
PA1116 Greenlee Textron Inc TOOL STRIPPER UTP/STP/FLAT visit Digikey Buy
A-KAB-RJ45-4S-1M ASSMANN WSW components GmbH CONN RJ45 W/1M CABLE CAT5E STP visit Digikey Buy

Rakon STP

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Abstract: STP2629LF RAKON STP 2629 LF 20.0 MHz L Nnnnn Yy Ww 7./ Package type "36B" (metal solder-sealed package) Pin out connections diameter = 0.80 ± 0.05 mm Rakon

Rakon STP

Abstract: RAKON STP 2207: OCXO Stratum 3 Performance over -40 to 8b ISSUE 2: 20 OCTOBER 2004 Description Environm ental C onditions (non-operating) M iniature AT Cut OCXO (CFPO-6 B) Package O utline 25 25.4 X 25.4 EFC (option not required) X 12.7mm Supply Option â  Storage Temperature , ' " i â' i ." .i RAKON Under steady state at 25°C/calm air < 1.25W â  Part Num ber (for Series): STP 2207 Warm Up Time _i±1 x 10-7 after 5 minutes O utput C om patibility â
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Abstract: RAKON STP 2270 STRATUM 3E OCXO ISSUE A ; 21 APRIL 2005 Phase N o is e (T y p ic a l fig u re s ) D e s c rip tio n â  1Hz: -82dBc/H z â  M in ia tu re SC c u t O C XO (CFPO-6 A2) 10Hz: P ackage O u tlin e 25 100Hz: â  25.4 x 25.4 x 12 .7 m m -112dBc/Hz 1kHz: -135dB c/H z -145dB c/H z 10kHz and b e y o n d : -150dBc/H z N o m in a l F re q u e n c y â  12.8M H z , level 50±10% â  Part N u m b e r (fo r S eries): STP 2270 â  Rise a n d Fall tim e s (b e tw e -
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Abstract: STP 2206 (STRATUM 3E) OCXO ISSUE 2; 19 OCTOBER 2004 A geing D e scrip tion â  Per day (m easured before sh ip m e n t): < ± 1 x 10 9 â  SC Cut Standard OCXO â  A fte r 30 days o p e ra tio n (extrapolation): < ± 1.5 x 10-7/y e a r â  S tra tu m 3E c o m p lia n t Package O u tlin e â  36.0 x 26.5 x 19.0mm (Package 36) â  O ver life -tim e (20 years - e xtra p o la tio n ): < ±3 x 10* M a rkin g â'¢ RAKON S u p p ly V o lta g e â  M od e l N u m be r STP2206 â -
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