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SN74ALS805ADWRE4 Texas Instruments IC ALS SERIES, HEX 2-INPUT NOR GATE, PDSO20, PLASTIC, SO-20, Gate ri Buy
8401001KA Texas Instruments IC ALS SERIES, DUAL 4-BIT DRIVER, TRUE OUTPUT, CDFP24, CERAMIC, DFP-24, Bus Driver/Transceiver ri Buy
SN74ALS09FN-00 Texas Instruments IC ALS SERIES, QUAD 2-INPUT AND GATE, PQCC20, Gate ri Buy


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Abstract: RPAP0230M300-AL Solid State Broadband High Power Pallet Amplifier 2-30 MHz, 300W The RPAP0230M300-AL is a 300W pallet amplifier for the 2-30 MHz HF band. Superior performance is provided offering , RPAP0230M300-AL to operate Class AB providing 300 watts PEP making this the natural choice for your high power , : November 2008 © 2008 Richardson Electronics, LTD RPAP0230M300-AL Ordering Information Part Number RPAP0230M300-AL Richardson Electronics 40W267 40W267 Keslinger Road P.O. Box 393 LaFox, IL 60147 Telephone: (800 ... Original

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matching mosfet 5 watt hf mosfet CLASS AB MOSFET RF amplifier mosfet amplifier class ab rf 300w class ab amplifier 300w amplifier 50 watts amplifier 10mhz "2-30 mhz" 300 watt hf transistor 12 volt 300 watt mosfet amplifier RPAP0230M300-AL mosfet HF amplifier RPAP0230M300-AL abstract
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Abstract: HF300-0130M HF300-0130M RPAP0230M300-AL RPAP20100M200 RPAP20100M200 0.5 1 2 20 32 30 30 100 10 300 300 200 - - ... Original

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"Amplifier Modules" THV410C-R THU2604 Low Power FM Transmitter 88 108 RPAP20100M200 RPAM01500M10 RPAP0230M300-AL dvbt transmitter Pallet UHF Power Amplifier HF300-0130 LNA 470-860 MHz LDU601C Communications tower datasheet abstract
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