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QLX4270RIQT7 Intersil Corporation IC EQUALIZER REC 2.7GBPS 46QFN ri Buy
QLX4270RIQSR Intersil Corporation IC EQUALIZER REC 5.4GBPS 46QFN ri Buy
HIP6006EVAL1 Intersil Corporation Eval Board for HIP6006 Buck and Synchronous-Rectifier Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) Controller ri Buy


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Abstract: Cooper Crouse-Hinds Cross Reference Competitor: Adalet Competitor Catalog Number XFC-210 XFC-210 ECGJH110 ECGJH110 XFC-212 XFC-212 ECGJH112 ECGJH112 XFC-215 XFC-215 ECGJH115 ECGJH115 XFC-218 XFC-218 ECGJH118 ECGJH118 XFC-221 XFC-221 ECGJH121 ECGJH121 XFC-224 XFC-224 ECGJH124 ECGJH124 XFC-227 XFC-227 ECGJH127 ECGJH127 XFC-230 XFC-230 ECGJH130 ECGJH130 XFC-233 XFC-233 ECGJH133 ECGJH133 XFC-236 XFC-236 ECGJH136 ECGJH136 XFC-24 XFC-24 ECGJH14 ECGJH14 XFC-26 XFC-26 ECGJH16 ECGJH16 XFC-28 XFC-28 ECGJH18 ECGJH18 XFC-310 XFC-310 ECGJH210 ECGJH210 XFC-315 XFC-315 ECGJH215 ECGJH215 XFC-321 XFC-321 ECGJH221 ECGJH221 XFC-327 XFC-327 ECGJH227 ECGJH227 XFC-336 XFC-336 ECGJH236 ECGJH236 XFC-34 XFC-34 ECGJH24 ECGJH24 XFC-36 XFC-36 ECGJH26 ECGJH26 XFC-38 XFC-38 ECGJH28 ECGJH28 XFC-410 XFC-410 ECGJH310 ECGJH310 XFC-412 XFC-412 ECGJH312 ECGJH312 XFC-415 XFC-415 ECGJH3 ... Original

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mt 1389 c125t L9100 nec 16315 nec 14305 110 3CG 931 st l9150 St4540 MNT S100 l9150 transistor nec 8772 C125T-A stc 1740 SK100 transistor XFC-210 ECGJH110 XFC-210 abstract
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Abstract: SEMIKRON INC ise o | ai3bb?i aaaisas i | 5EMIKRDN Vrsm Vrrm Vdrm (dv) V dt /cr Itrms (maximum values for continuous operation) 375 A I 450 A I 550 A V V V/ns Itav (. 240 A (78 °C) sin. 180; Tease = -• 285 A (77 °C) .°C) 350 A (85 °C) 500 400 200 SKT 215/04 C SKT250/04 SKT250/04 C SKT300/04 SKT300/04 C 700 600 200 SKT 215/06 C SKT250/06 SKT250/06 C SKT300/06 SKT300/06 C 900 800 200 SKT 215/08 C SKT 250/08 C SKT300/08 SKT300/08 C 1300 1200 200 1000 SKT 215/12 C SKT 215/12 E SKT 250/12 C SKT 250/12 E SKT 300/12 C SKT300/12 SKT300/12 E 1500 1400 1 ... OCR Scan

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B3-28 SKT250/12C semikron skt 240 semikron skt 24 semikron p1/200 FLS-100 B327 SKT215/12C semikron skt 900 skt 450 SKT300/16E Semikron SKT 250/08C SKT250/08C SKT300 datasheet abstract
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