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Abstract: SHARP ELEK/ MELEC DIV 1SE D | 3180718 0001125 8 | 4-Unit 400mA Transistor Array IR2C26 IR2C26 T-V3-2S I R2026 4"Unit 400mA Transistor Array ■ Description The IR2C26 IR2C26 is a 4-circuit-driver IC, which consists of an input inverter and a current source type output section. The output section is composed of a PNP transistor and an .NPN Darlington transistor, with the base current of the PNP transistor constant. A clamp diode is placed between each output and GND; Vcc and GND are common for the 4 circuits. This ... OCR Scan

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apd array 8 npn transistor ic 14pin 24 "transistor array" 14pin npn transistor N02 Transistor 4 npn transistor ic 14pin IR2C26 24 V pnp 8 transistor array R2026 TEXT
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Abstract: C9015 NB_SRCCLK 14 -NB_SRCCLK 13,19 BMREQ# 1 1 2 0R2J-GP 2 0R2J-GP K2 L2 M2 M1 H2 1 1 1 R2026 ... Philips Semiconductors

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transistor c9012 application C9012 pnp transistor tda8841 s1 C9012 transistor TELEVISION EHT TRANSFORMERS C9014 Transistor TDA8842 s1 tda7075 transistor C9013 transistor C9015 c9018 transistor c9015 transistor GTV1000 AN98051 transistor c9014 GTV1000 AN98051 tda8842 circuit diagram GTV1000 AN98051 UV1315 GTV1000 AN98051 TDA7075AQ GTV1000 AN98051 dc05 7 segments GTV1000 AN98051 transistor c9018 GTV1000 AN98051 transistor C9012 GTV1000 AN98051 GTV1000 GTV1000 AN98051 AN98051 TEXT
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