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acm 33221 2114 static ram X9103 spca1628a smew*n870a-t MH7493A MMSZ4V7T1G MB7114E transistor c4408 PC 13003 TRANSISTOR SII0649CL160 N82S126F b2545g aka b2545G AKA PC 13003 TRANSISTOR KIA75902 STK681-050 rtl8168 programming guide stepping motor mitsumi M35SP-7 SK10 GHR 123 II tlp250 working principle PPE2224-N-BK L49860 Irf 1540 N TDA7378 GD4030B Q2N3866 Hitachi 27C4096 IEC 60870-2-1 53c70 2n3819 replacement power supply MG-200 MC8502 GS -L 0.47uF Capacitor CS35L33 AN34044A EIA-700 AAAB 6sk7 tube bently nevada 3300 16 manual C3953 275L40 2N5245 2sa1943 2SC5200 FS9711 2sc2073 2SA940 Allen-Bradley 100-C16 10 contactor TEMIC S289P SSM-2013 z1212A STMicroelectronics date code format to-247 pq48033qga25nns CM389T-21A DBX 2155 p21464 pulsador 4 pines WINDOW motor bosch VSC7991 275l40 MT72038 ltf3216l LTF3216L STW10NK80Z 26ct32rh Crouzet mas 10 rca LITTON Shaft encoder CDFP4-F16 cdfp4-f16 HS9-26CT32RH-Q 2N4251 32F8020A-cn LH64258-10 2901N HS9-26CT32RH-Q 2901N ATMEL 719 24C UAA2001 HA1339A NDR433TS AM27S13DC CGS313U075V5C3PH 1N5160 MB785 Diode C65 004 MB785 SPAJ 120 POWER COMMAND HM 1211 manual transistor SMD t15 SPAJ 120 manual analog multiplier MC1496 toshiba laptop charging CIRCUIT diagram 6es7 215-2bd00-0xb0 74155 M51143AL uPD720101 GDFP1-F14 AN - MFRC52x Reader IC Family Directly Matched Antenna Design GDFP1-F14 1736DPC XMURG30C-1B M5M4257P wpc8763ldg TA7136 Epcos QCC8B footprint FS9711 LP1 LB1807N RRUS 32 b2 IM07NS MB7052 KIV-114 capacitor 100N k100 U4100 AM82801IUX 7165-0797 LC244A E50DR1 LM2985AIM5-5 GPLB52320 NBB5-18GM60-WS MIL-C-28859 RLR7C TOKO marking Guide free circuit diagram of intel D915GAV motherboard TOKO marking Guide 2N3846 TM1628 2SD630 mr510 diode 2N3846 MC4016D opti 82c929 AJS1312 MMI 6301-1 RCA 40872 mil-R-39023 AN10053


PRHPL-2400-2012-12-111 : IXYS Colorado Introduces the HPL-2400 High-Power Laser Diode Emulator and Load CL-IX3120-2011-10-13 : IXYS and Clare Introduce New Optically Coupled Driver for Power MOSFETs IGBTs and Thyristors ZLNewZMOTIONMCU-2010-11-23 LEDPhotoFlash 2009-12-10 : IXYS Introduces New LED Driver ICs for Photo Flash Application FlashTorchLDS8991-2010-11-22 : Torch Mode for Photo Flash Applications GmbH-DLA5P800UC-2012-12-06 : IXYS Introduces 800V Half Bridge Rectifier in a Very Small SMD Package DEI-SIV3028-2011-10-04 : IXYS Colorado Introduces the SIV-3028 Handheld Solar Curve Tracer PressRelease 2009-12-05 : IXYS Announces Acquisition of Zilog LondonRail-2010-11-11 GreenEnergy-2011-09-22 : IXYS Corporation Named to NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index CPC1593-2012-12-04 WSL-Megawatt-PP-IGBT 2009-11-18 : Westcode Announces New ‘Megawatt’ Press-Pack IGBT Product SC NewSolarBits-2011-09-20 : IXYS Releases 2nd Generation IXOLAR™ SolarBIT Products for Energy Harvesting ZGATE-Tech-2012-11-19 : Zilog Announces New ZGATE™ Embedded Security Solution Zilog Encore ZDS II Beta-2010-11-04 : ZILOG Encore ZDS II version 5.0 (Beta) ZMOTION-Intrusion-2011-08-23 : ZILOG® RELEASES NEW ZMOTIONTM INTRUSION REFERENCE DESIGN (ZIRD) FOR SECURITY APPLICATIONS ZAURA-BallastRefDesign-2012-11-13 WSL 125mm IsolatedWaterCooler-2009-11-05 : Westcode Announces New Insulated Water Cooler For Very Large Power Semiconductors SC-1200V-XPT-IGBT-2011-08-04 : IXYS Introduces New Rugged and Fast 1200V High-Gain (XPT) IGBTs CPC1966B-2012-11-08 Q211-PressRelease-FINAL : IXYS Announces Record Revenues In Second Fiscal Quarter Ended September 30, 2010 MWT-Ku-KaBandMMICPowerAmps-2012-11-06 : AlGaAs pHEMT-Based MMIC High-Power Amplifiers for VSAT Applications ConferenceCallNoticeforQ211 Q112-PressRelease : IXYS Corporation Announces Record Revenues for the June 2011 Quarter GmbH-DSA300-Schottky-2010-10-14 Conference Call Q210 ConferenceCallNotice Q112 : IXYS Schedules Conference Call to Discuss Results of its First Fiscal Quarter Ended June 30, 2011 GenX3-600V-SMPD-2010-10-12 : 400A GenX3TM IGBTs in New Proprietary SMPD Power Packages ZilogMiniZWiFi-2011-07-19 : ZILOG Releases New MINI-Z™ WiFi Module Clare CPC1590 2009-10-20 : Clare Introduces 200 Volt Optically Isolated, Self Biased Gate Driver Q213PressRelease-FINAL : IXYS Announces Results for the Second Fiscal Quarter Ended September 30, 2012 GigaMOSTrenchT2SMPD-2010-10-07 HV BiMOSFET 2009-10-13 : IXYS Introduces New High Voltage 2500V and 3000V BiMOSFETs Pre-Announcement-Jun11 : IXYS Estimates Historic Record Revenues in Excess of $100 Million in the June Quarter ConferenceCallNotice-Q213 GigaMOS-TrenchT2Z Pkg-2010-10-05 : IXYS Announces High-Current GigaMOS TrenchT2TM Power MOSFETs in Low-profile DE-Series Packages SC-1200V-GenX3-XPT-2012-10-15 : IXYS Expands Product Portfolio of 1200V High-Speed Rugged XPT™ IGBTs DEI-PCM7510-2011-07-13 : IXYS Colorado Introduces PCM-7510 High Power Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Wespack : IXYS Expands The Wespack High Power Density Products With A New 1.8kV Rectifier CoinMech-3D-LED-2011-06-28 DhaaniSystems-2012-10-10 : IXYS Completes Energy Efficiency Test Study WallStreetTranscript : IXYS Corporation, The Wall Street Transcript Clare-IXD 630-2011-06-16 : IXYS and Clare Introduce New 30A Gate Driver Clare IXD 602-61-2010-09-14 : IXYS’ Clare Introduces 2 New Gate Driver Families GmbH-SIMBUSF-2012-09-18 StockBuyback-2010-08-30 : IXYS Announces Increase To Stock Repurchase Program Q411-PressRelease : IXYS Announces Record Revenues For The Fourth Fiscal Quarter And Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011 WSL-28kV-Wespack-2012-09-13 : IXYS UK Launches New 2.8kV 10kA ‘Wespack’ Rectifier, Reduced Weight and Improved Efficiency CPC7232-2009-07-09 : Clare Announces New Eight-Channel High Voltage Analog Switch IC WSL-83mmPCT-2012-09-06 : IXYS Introduces A New Megapower 83mm Phase Control Thyristors With Ratings Of 2.8kV Up To 4.5kV GmbHSiC CoolMos-2010-08-24 ThickWespack-2011-05-18 : Westcode Adds a New Dimension to ‘Wespack’ Phase Control Thyristors SMPD-Q3ClassHiPerFET-2012-08-30 : 30A Q3 HiPerFETTM Power MOSFET in Surface Mount Lightweight Package LDSDrivers8711-26-2010-08-19 ConferenceCall-Q411 StockBuyback-2012-08-27 : IXYS Announces New Stock Repurchase Program PolarP3-2011-05-12-Rev1 : IXYS Introduces New Rugged 500V and 600V PolarP3TM Power MOSFETs ZLWorldofSensors-2012-08-08 CPC7508 061109 : Clare Introduces Industry’s First LCAS IC for Ringing SLICs GMCH IXYS V1416 : IXYS and GMCH Enter Into an Agreement for Chip Manufacturing Q113PressRelease : IXYS Corporation Announces June 2012 Quarter Results ClareCPC7514-2011-04-21 : Clare Introduces Industry’s First Monolithic High-Voltage Isolated Analog Switch Array Pre-Announcement-Mar11 : IXYS Announces Estimates for the March Quarter ConferenceCallNoticeQ113 : IXYS Schedules Conference Call to Discuss Results of its First Fiscal Quarter Ended June 30, 2012 ConferenceCallNotice Q111 : IXYS Schedules Conference Call to Discuss Results of its First Fiscal Quarter Ended June 30, 2010 ZILOG-SenseAir-2011-04-14 : SenseAir® Selects Zilog Z8F082A MCU for the New SenseAir® CO2 Engine® CPC50021 WSL HHI KTX II-2010-07-20 : Korea’s High Speed Rail Expansion Is Powered by IXYS High Power Westcode Team Clare-320v-BiDirectional : Clare Introduces Industry’s First Monolithic, High-Voltage, Isolated, Analog Switch Array GmbHSMPD2-2012-06-14 PolarP2 HiPerFET-2010-07-15 : XYS launches New PolarP2TM Power MOSFET Family GmbH-PCIM-2011-04-06 ZPAN28-Pin-2012-05-31 : Zilog Releases New Mini-ZTM ZPAN Bluetooth Wireless Integrated Module GMM12 2009-05-14 : IXYS Extending ISOPLUS-DILTM Package Range Less copper, Less Weight, Better Performance DEI-PREVLD02-II-2010-07-13 : IXYS Colorado Introduces EVLD02-II Evaluation Board for the IXLD02SI Laser Diode Driver IC ZL-Micro-ZNEO-SSR-2011-03-30 : ZILOG® Releases New 16 Bit MINI-Z® Module And 8 Solid State Relay Design Board Q412PressRelease : IXYS Announces Record Cash and Revenues at, and for the Fiscal Year Ended, March 31, 2012 Clare IXD 604-2010-07-06 : IXYS Clare Introduces New Family of 4A Dual-Channel Gate Drivers ZilogZTP-2011-03-23 : ZILOG Releases New Software Suite (ZTP) Which Is Compatible With ZDSII eZ80AcclaimTM Version 5.1.1. LED Drivers 8711-26 6-29-10 WSL-36KV-MCC-Modules-2011-03-03 : IXYS Extends the Voltage Range of its High Power Devices to 3600V ConferenceCallNotice-Q412 ZMotion-2010-06-24-Rev1 : ZILOG DEVELOPS NEW ZMOTION™ SENSING AND CONTROL SOLUTIONS FEATURING ADVANCED SENSING TECHNOLOGY ZL-ZAURA-RF-Module-2011-03-01 Press-Rls-IXYS-ICDiv : Clare Inc., Officially Becomes IXYS Integrated Circuits Division ZL DeveloperStudioII-2010-6-22 ZMOTION-20PIN-2012-05-03 SC-600V-XPT-IGBT-2011-02-09 : IXYS Introduces New Discrete 600V XPT IGBTs MCMA14--2012-04-26 BWQ410PressRelease-Rev5 : IXYS Corporation Announces Record Backlog In Fourth Fiscal Quarter Ended March 31, 2010 DeutscheBankConf-2011-02-16 : IXYS to Participate in Deutsche Bank Small and Mid Cap Conference Q311PressRelease-FINAL : IXYS Announces Record Revenues For The Third Fiscal Quarter Ended December 31, 2010 CPC7601-7701-2012-03-27 : IXYS-Clare Introduces New 16-Channel High Voltage Analog Switch ICs GmbHSimbusA 2010-05-04 : IXYS Introduces Higher Operating Temperatures for Bi-Polar Modules PCX-7420-2012-03-201 : IXYS Colorado Introduces the PCX-7420 Precision Laser Diode Driver ZMotionBundles-2011-01-25 : ZILOG RELEASES NEW ZMOTION DETECTION AND CONTROL FOR MOTION SENSING APPLICATIONS Solardevices : IXYS Launches The IXYSSOLAR Brand of Handheld Solar Powered Products ZGATE-2012-03-20 : Zilog and Icon Labs Announce the First MCU SOC with Embedded Firewall ConferenceCallNoticeforQ311 CPC590--2012-03-08 : IXYS-Clare Expands New Family of Optically Isolated I2C Bus Repeaters with the CPC5903