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Abstract: reference Nominal pressure 0.2 ±12 PN 40 QBE61.3-DP2 0.5 ±20 PN 40 QBE61.3-DP5 0.10 CM1N1923en 05.12.2000 Max. overload on one side [bar] ±20 PN 40 QBE61.3-DP10 , Voltage burden Measurement range Sensing element Measurement accuracy at 20 °C QBE61.3-DP2 QBE61.3-DP5 , 1 1923P01 923 Differential pressure sensors QBE61.3-DP. for neutral or slightly , : differential pressure sensor QBE61.3-DP2. The sensor is supplied without the water trap pipe. Equipment Siemens
water differential pressure sensor QBE61.3 DP10 landis and staefa steam trap landis staefa staefa temperature sensors CM1N1923 89/336/EEC 73/23/EEC 1923G01 1923M01 1923M02E
Abstract: ) Overrange Permissible overload (bar) QBE61.1-p0,5 QBE61.1-p2 QBE61.1-p10 QBE61.1-p20 QBE61.1-p40 , 1 Pressure Detectors 901 QBE61.1. Active pressure detector delivering a DC 0.10 V , , ventilating and air conditioning installations. The QBE61.1. can be used as a · control detector · , . Combination of units When used in POLYGYR control systems, the QBE61.1. is suitable for use with the , up to 16 bar Accessories 4 661 1599 0 The QBE61.1. is an active detector delivering an Siemens Building Technologies
qbe*61.1 landis qbe61.1-p20 polygyr QBE61.1 pressure sensor landis qbe61,1 p20 staefa CM1N1901E 1901G01 1901M03E 1901M02E 1901M01 CM1N3461E
Abstract: 1 Differential Pressure Sensor 915 QBE61.2-dp0,5 This sensor delivering an active , , ventilating and air conditioning plants. The QBE61.2-dp0,5 can be used as a · control sensor · measuring , For application within the POLYGYR systems, the QBE61.2-dp0,5 can combined with the following units , [bar] Overrange Overload capacity [bar] Nom. press. QBE61.2-dp0,5 -0.1. 0.0,5 , QBE61.2-dp0,5 is an active detector delivering an output signal of DC 0.10 V. The output signal is -
qbe61.2 chilled water system siemens humidity sensor PN40 Landis Differential Pressure siemens CM1N1915E 1915G01 1915M01 CM1N3463E