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TW2828-BA2-CR Intersil Corporation HD/SD DVR Video Port Expander; BGA409; Temp Range: 0° to 70° pdf Buy
ISL1550IRZ-T13 Intersil Corporation Single Port, VDSL2 Differential Line Driver; QFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C pdf Buy
ISL1591IRTZ-T7 Intersil Corporation Fixed Gain, Dual Port, VDSL2 Line Driver; TQFN24; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C pdf Buy


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Abstract: iodelay or Routing matrix, which can contain several ports. For this application, the recommended place to ... Xilinx

208 pages,
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XC6VLX760 DS537 DSP48E1 ethernet serial converter TEMAC sgmii fpga datasheets sgmii sgmii Ethernet 1000BASE-X fpga rgmii verilog code for mdio protocol SGMII RGMII bridge UG368 sgmii fpga TEXT
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Abstract: matched 50ohm ports (see figure 3 for test circuit) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. RF input impedance (series ... Zarlink Semiconductor

24 pages,
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GP4020 GP2021 GP2015/1G/FP1N GP2015 GP2010 GP2000 DS5134 AN4808 TEXT
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Abstract: Advanced Packaging Castlegate Business Park, Portskewett, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, NP26 5YW Tel: 01291 ... Zarlink Semiconductor

2 pages,
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A466 A449 radar circuit component pcb design using software TEXT
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Abstract: Local ports. A non-multiplexed Motorola microprocessor port allows programming of the various device , Local and Backplane ports · Per-channel message mode for Local and Backplane output streams · , Backplane ports · Automatic selection between ST-BUS and GCI-Bus operation · Non-multiplexed , of the same device. The ZL50060/1 ZL50060/1 has two data ports, the Backplane and the Local port. Both the Backplane and Local ports have two independent modes of operation, either 32 input and 32 output streams ... Zarlink Semiconductor

99 pages,
720.89 Kb

ZL50061GAG2 ZL50061GAG ZL50061 ZL50060GAG2 ZL50060GAC MT90869 BST04 DTA 2030 BCD8 ZL50060/1 TEXT
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Abstract: R17-2 dB level adjusters (3 dB steps) at all signal ports Offset nulling of all PCM channels 10 MHz or , for removing the DC component in PCM channels +9 to -12 dB level adjusters at all signal ports ... Zarlink Semiconductor

44 pages,
653.49 Kb

ZL50232QC ZL50232GD ZL50232 Canceller ZL50232QCG1 TEXT
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Abstract: Interfaces Local TDM Interface 32 ports at 2, 4, or 8 Mbit/s WAN Access Interface 32 TDM ports at 2 , the processor. WAN Access Interface 32 TDM ports at 2 or 8 Mbit/s 1K Switch Host Control , Fabric Interface Dual Redundant 10/100 Mbit/s MII Interfaces Local TDM Interface 32 ports at 2, 4 , 32 TDM ports at 2 or 8 Mbit/s 1K Switch Host Control/Data Interface 32 bit, 33MHz / 66MHz PCI , Redundant 10/100 Mbit/s MII Interfaces Local TDM Interface 32 ports at 2, 4, or 8 Mbit/s JTAG ... Zarlink Semiconductor

7 pages,
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MT9088x M66EN AF10 AE10 AD11 AC11 AC10 ZLAN-19 TEXT
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Abstract: emulation edgeto-edge (PWE3) transmission. This device has three Fast Ethernet ports that perform the MAC , ports on the ZL50130 ZL50130 when operating in MII mode at 100 Mbit/s. Table 2 details the connection between ... Zarlink Semiconductor

4 pages,
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ZL50408 ZL50405 ZL50404 ZL50130 Zarlink Semiconductor AA23 ZLAN-76 TEXT
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Abstract: control function. It has eight serial input ports and eight serial output ports. Each of these I/O ports ... Zarlink Semiconductor

18 pages,
570.72 Kb

MT896X MT8963 MT8965 MT8967 MT8960-67 MT8980 MT8980 application TR-TS7-000507 transorb diode transorb diode equivalent MH88610 MT8961 diode in4003 tvs505 equivalent MSAN-131 MSAN-131 MSAN-131 transorb motorola tvs505 CODEC-SLIC TEXT
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Abstract: expenses caused by increasing traffic demands and high backhaul costs over T1/E1 ports. However, ensuring , Bridge ToP Engine MAC Master Osc osci osco ToP SyncE DPLL 1 Stratum 3E Input Ports & ... Zarlink Semiconductor

172 pages,
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MT9076BPR MT9076BP1 MT9076BP MT9076B MT9076 MT9076BB1 MT9076BB MT9076BPR1 TEXT
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NXP 23/10/2012 35869.34 Kb ZIP ird.cd.contents.zip
stacked mouse and keyboard ports.   What is included in the boxed Intel C440GX C440GX+ server Tolerance (AFT)? Are there serial ports on the C440GX C440GX+? What is included in the boxed Intel Operating Systems.  Are there serial ports on the C440GX C440GX+? Yes, two and both
/datasheets/files/intel/products one/design/servers/c440gx/c440_faq.htm
Intel 30/04/1999 65.84 Kb HTM c440_faq.htm
No abstract text available
/download/35476560-256393ZC/pc_99_1.zip ()
Intel 06/08/1998 1173.74 Kb ZIP pc_99_1.zip
Manual-order # 272017 These show design references for interfacing with DRAM, FLASH, timers, serial ports
/datasheets/files/intel/products one/design/i960/technote/2393.htm
Intel 02/05/1999 12.77 Kb HTM 2393.htm
, the camera supports live two-way video conferencing. Compared to traditional PC serial ports USB
Intel 10/02/1998 10.03 Kb HTM kodak-v1.htm
which means that some USB devices-called USB "hubs"-can serve as connection ports for other USB Stand-alone hubs could also be made available, providing a handful of convenient USB ports, right on the desktop. Hubs feature an upstream connection (pointed toward the PC) as well as multiple downstream ports
Intel 10/02/1998 8.99 Kb HTM nutsbolt-v3.htm
No abstract text available
Digital Logic 18/01/2002 115.93 Kb GZ e100-1.6.29.tar.gz
No abstract text available
/download/88101744-75996ZC/dos_drivers.zip ()
Digital Logic 20/04/2001 519.61 Kb ZIP dos_drivers.zip
: Peripheral bays, including bezel alignment. I/O shields, including I/O ports
Intel 31/10/1998 18.16 Kb HTM assemb~1-v1.htm
Device: 82527 CAN Version I/O Ports Bit Rate Message Objects Global Mask Prgm. Clock Out CPU Interface Packages 2 Two 8-bit ports QROM Up to 1 MBit 14
Intel 08/02/1999 10.6 Kb HTM 82527.htm