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CDB8422 Cirrus Logic Evaluation, Design Tools Eval Bd 192kHz SRC S/PDIF Receiver for CS8422 visit Digikey
5-1961000-0 TE's AMP CHIPSET HEATSINK FOR PHILIPS visit Digikey
HSLCS-CALCL-001 Aavid Thermalloy HEATSINK 31W SPOT PHILIPS SLM visit Digikey
AE-Q144-LPC2000-1 Phyton Inc ADAPTER NXP/PHILIPS DIP40/QFP144 visit Digikey
PCA9633DEMO FDI Future Designs Inc BOARD DEMO FOR PHILIPS PCA9633 visit Digikey

Philips QQE02/5

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Abstract: PHILIPS QQE 02/5 DOUBLE TETRODE for use as H.F. amplifier, oscillator and frequency multiplier , dass Vf = 5,7 V oder 11 ,4 V 938 2657 2. PHILIPS QQE 02/5 H.F. class C telegraphy; two systems,in , ) .3) See page 6; voir page 6 siehe Seite 6 9.9.1957 938 2658 3. PHILIPS QQE 02/5 H.F. class , . QQE 02/5 PHILIPS H.F. Class C anode and screen grid modulation, two systems in push-pull H.F.t , 6; siehe Seite 6 938 2659 4. QQE 02/5 PHILIPS H.F. Class C anode and screen grid modulation -
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Philips schema QQE02 schema 2x25W 2X40 2x45W QQE02/5
Abstract: Contents Page Page New product index Combined index and status codes viii x Mullard approved components BS9000, CECC, and D3007 lists CV list Integrated circuits Section index xliii 1 5 Standard functions LOGIC FAMILIES CMOS HE4000B family specifications CMOS HE4000B , A44-120W M M M D Page No. or Statu 5 Suggested Code A lte rn a tive s Suggested , AT6010/11 AT603S/04 AT6035/11 AT60S0/00 AT60S0/30 3 3 3 â'˜5 ;> s $ C l D D D D D -
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cm .02m z5u 1kv B2X84 pin configuration of BFW10 la4347 TRIAC TAG 9322 dsq8
Abstract: PY500A C M D M M QBL4/800 QBL5/3500 QBW5/3500 QC05/35 QE05/40 QE08/200 QQC03/14 QQE02/5 , 43 Triacs Selection guide Triacs 28 4 4 5 Microwave solid state Schottky barrier , BYX97 Series BYX98 Series BYX99 Series B Z X 6 1-C 7V 5 to â'"C75 B Z Y 8 8-C 2V 7 to â'" C33 , : Types approved: Type No. Spec. No. Type No. Spec. No BD131 BD132 B D X 3 5,36.37 BS , CV7106 CV7130 CV7138 CV7139 CV7140 CV7141 BZY 88-C6V 2 BZY 88-C6V 8 BZY 88-C7V 5 BZY88-C8V2 -
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OT239 BT100a 02 CQX82A TRIO TA 80W ZP1481 CV2154