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PTN3341DH Datasheet

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PTN3341DH Philips Semiconductors / NXP Semiconductors High Speed Differential Line Driver

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Abstract: PTN3332D PTN3332D PTN3332D-T PTN3332D-T PTN3332DH PTN3332DH PTN3332DH-T PTN3332DH-T PTN3341 PTN3341 PTN3341D PTN3341D PTN3341D-T PTN3341D-T PTN3341DH PTN3341DH-T ... Original

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SN65LVDS32 PTN3310 PTN3311 PTN3331 PTN3331DH-T PTN3332 PTN3341 PTN3342 SN65LVDS31 LVDS Line Driver PTN3331/PTN3332/ PTN3341/PTN3342 PTN3331/PTN3332/ abstract
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Abstract: information Package Name PTN3341DH PTN3341D PTN3341D TSSOP16 TSSOP16 SO16 Description plastic thin shrink small outline package , 15 4A 14 4Y 1A 1Y 1Z G 2Z 2Y 2A GND 1 2 3 16 VCC 15 4A 14 4Y PTN3341DH PTN3341D PTN3341D 4 5 ... Original

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PTN3341 PTN3341 abstract
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Abstract: 1: Ordering information Type number Package Name Description Version PTN3341DH , GND 8 9 3A GND 8 9 PTN3341D PTN3341D 1 PTN3341DH 1A 13 4Z 12 G 3A ... Original

14 pages,
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TSSOP16 PTN3331 PTN3341 PTN3341D PTN3341DH SN65LVDM31 SN65LVDS31 AM26LS31 transistor smd zy transistor smd 4z PTN3341 abstract
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Chemical content for PTN3341DH Typenumber Philips package type Philips package type description Moisture Sensitivity Level Total product weight PTN3341DH SOT403-1 TSSOP16 TSSOP16 TSSOP16 TSSOP16 tbf 51.0 mg Subpart Material group Substances CAS number Mass(mg) Mass(%) Active device Other Si 01.50 02.94 Bond wire Other Au
Philips 14/06/2005 6.37 Kb HTML ptn3341dh.html
; 50ohm drive 4 x LVDS SOT109-1 (SO16) 500 3.0~3.6 PTN3341DH high-speed serial logic Pack, SMD, 13" SOT109-1 RFS PTN3341DH 9352 711 05112 Standard Marking * Tube SOT403-1 RFS PTN3341DH 9352 711 05118 Standard
Philips 23/04/2003 5.73 Kb HTML ptn3341-01.html
PTN3341DH high-speed serial logic translation 400 4 x LVTTL 200 -40~+85 output enable; 50ohm Reel Pack, SMD, 13" SOT109-1 RFS Chemical content PTN3341DH 9352 content PTN3341DH 9352 711 05118 week 12, 2005 Standard Marking
Philips 15/06/2005 9 Kb HTML ptn3341-01-v1.html
PTN3341 PTN3341 PTN3341 PTN3341 SOT109-1 output enable; 50ohm drive PTN3341DH SOT403-1 PTN3332D PTN3332D PTN3332D PTN3332D SOT109-1
Philips 13/06/2005 10.75 Kb HTML 41845-v2.html
No abstract text available
Philips 13/06/2005 2.03 Kb CSV 41845_e.csv
1 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15106.html Applicationnotes for Bipolar power transistors Title Date AN98079 AN98079 AN98079 AN98079 1.pdf: GTV4000 GTV4000 GTV4000 GTV4000 2Fh TV receiver with TDA9321H TDA9321H TDA9321H TDA9321H and TDA933xH 1998-08-19 AN10280 AN10280 AN10280 AN10280 1.pdf: 17 inch 70 kHz CRT monitor 2 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15107.html Applicationnotes for Lighting Title Date an buJ100.pdf: Philips BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 transistor in TO-92 suits all Philips BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 BUJ100 transistor in TO-92 suits all Compact Fluorescent Lamp 3 1 0 /catalog/appnotes/15230.html Applicationnotes for Deflection Title Date AN98
Philips 16/06/2005 2589.32 Kb TXT docindex-v1.txt
No abstract text available
Philips 13/06/2005 786.37 Kb CSV 27063_e.csv
No abstract text available (M:\cd1\selectionguides\selectionguides\content\41845.txt)
Philips 13/06/2005 0.55 Kb ZIP
No abstract text available (M:\cd1\selectionguides\selectionguides\content\27063.txt)
Philips 13/06/2005 44.17 Kb ZIP
14959 2 1 2 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ10 02CZ10 PZM10NB PZM10NB PZM10NB PZM10NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ11 02CZ11 02CZ11 02CZ11 PZM11NB PZM11NB PZM11NB PZM11NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ12 02CZ12 02CZ12 02CZ12 PZM12NB PZM12NB PZM12NB PZM12NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ13 02CZ13 02CZ13 02CZ13 PZM13NB PZM13NB PZM13NB PZM13NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ15 02CZ15 02CZ15 02CZ15 PZM15NB PZM15NB PZM15NB PZM15NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ16 02CZ16 02CZ16 02CZ16 PZM16NB PZM16NB PZM16NB PZM16NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ18 02CZ18 02CZ18 02CZ18 PZM18NB PZM18NB PZM18NB PZM18NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2.4 PZM2.4NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2 02CZ2.7 PZM2.7NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ20 02CZ20 02CZ20 02CZ20 PZM20NB PZM20NB PZM20NB PZM20NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ22 02CZ22 02CZ22 02CZ22 PZM22NB PZM22NB PZM22NB PZM22NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2.html,1 02CZ24 02CZ24 02CZ24 02CZ24 PZM24NB PZM24NB PZM24NB PZM24NB@pip/PZM_N_SERIES_2
Philips 15/06/2005 676.98 Kb TXT xref-v1.txt

NXP / Philips Cross Reference Results

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