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T2090162201-000 TE Connectivity Ltd HEAV-016-F visit Digikey
T2090242101-000 TE Connectivity Ltd HEAV-024-M visit Digikey
T2090322101-000 TE Connectivity Ltd HEAV-016-M 17-32 visit Digikey
T2090162101-000 TE Connectivity Ltd HEAV-016-M visit Digikey
T2090482101-000 TE Connectivity Ltd HEAV-024-M 25-48 visit Digikey
T2090482201-000 TE Connectivity Ltd HEAV-024-F 25-48 visit Digikey

PTC S M T209

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PTC S M T209

Abstract: PTC THERMISTOR FOR DEGAUSSING PTC thermistors for degaussing Author: P. M. Stief Large screens in TV sets and PC monitors must present pictures of high color purity and definition. Degaussing circuits equipped with PTC , stable after about 180 s. This can be achieved with a PTC thermistor of type T250. Such low residual , supply. Correct degaussing with PTC thermistors Thanks to PTC thermistor technology, degaussing , connected in series with the PTC switching thermistor. This current and the number of windings determine
Siemens Matsushita Components

B772 SMD

Abstract: PTC C1165 Gehäusebauformen 9 s Encased types 9 Entmagnetisierung 10 Switching PTC thermistors Degaussing , s Mounting instructions for SMD PTC thermistors 17 s Hinweise zur Verpackung 18 s Packing , request EPCOS AG Schaltkaltleiter Switching PTC Thermistors Anwendung s Scheiben: Z. B. für , Kaltleiter PTC Thermistors Lieferprogramm 2001 / Short Form Catalog 2001 http://www.epcos.com , modernen Elektrotechnik und Elek- This short form catalog presents the wide selection of PTC


Abstract: ht321 timing, Address/Data Buffering and Latching, as well as circuit équivalents of two Intel 8237's in cascade mode, two 8259's in cascade mode, and an 8254. The HT321 is designed for '386-DX systems that , INC MIE D Functional Description 43L7705 0001117 S â HTI 7-w-n-isr HTK320 386DX Chip Set KCLX2 , D m M3L77G2 OOOlTiö 7 Å'HTI HTK320 T-V9-/:>vr 386DX Chip Set Functional Description The following , 8237's with the 8 MHz BCLK signal directly or dividing this BCLK signal in half to supply the AT
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HT321-ISA HEADLAND ht 18 HT321-D headland technology 486 motherboard PTC S M T209 ptc p175 80386DX HT322--M 3RROR387 BUSY387 RPEREQ38

G86 770 A2

Abstract: nvidia g86-730 RSRC_SATA RSRC_SATA# RP37 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 4 2 4 2 4 2 3 4P2R-S-33 1 3 4P2R-S-33 1 3 4P2R-S-33 1 33 1 *4P2R-S-33 3 33 1 4P2R-S-33 3 1 4P2R-S-33 3 1 4P2R-S-33 3 1 4P2R-S-33 3 1 4P2R-S-33 3 3 4P2R-S-33 1 3 4P2R-S-33 1 3 4P2R-S-33 1 475/F 475/F 22 33 PCLK_DEBUG PCLK_R5C832 VDDCPU ICS9PR363DGLF , 2N7002E 3 P/N:CS12202FB14 P/N:CS12202FB06 (22) 1 CGCLK_SMB (6) (6) CK_PWG RP46 1 3 2 *4P2R-S-0 4
ICS9LPR363DGLF NB8P-SE-256M G86 770 A2 nvidia g86-730 u4614 g86 630 a2 thyristor t24 MAX8736 MAX8734 TPS51116 318MH


Abstract: slg8sp626v W/S= 15 mil/20mil CPU CLK C363 3300P/50V_4 CPUCLKP CPUCLKN +CPUVDDA CPU_THERMDC CPU_THERMDA , T3 Y1 W1 Y4 Y3 R2 R3 T5 R5 W/S= 15 mil/20mil +CPUVDDA +CPUVDDA CPUCLKIN CPUCLKIN# CPU_LDT_RST
RTM880N-795 M82-S M82-SCE RTS5158 ISL6251 slg8sp626v SLG8SP626VTR-AJ006260000 quanta qt8 kb3926 ICS9LPRS476AKLFT-- SLG8SP626VTR-- RJ-45 RX781 RS780MN