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HI5805EVAL1 Intersil Corporation Eval Board for HI5805 12-Bit, 5MSPS A/D Converter ri Buy
ISL21070DIH306Z-TK Intersil Corporation 25µA Micropower Voltage References; SOT3; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C ri Buy
ISLA110P50IRZ Intersil Corporation 10-Bit, 500MSPS A/D Converter; QFN72; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C ri Buy


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Abstract: JEITA Package Code P-BGA769-35x35-1.00 RENESAS Code PRBG0769FB-A Previous Code 769F7T 769F7T D MASS[Typ.] 4.0g A D1 b A e y S 1pin corner S ZE AN AM AL AK AJ AH AG AF AE AD AC AB AA Y W V U T R P N M L K J H G F E D C B A E1 E e B S AB ZD A1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233 Reference Symbol D E A A1 e b x y ZD ZE D1 E1 Dimension in Millimeters Min Nom Max ... Original

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PRBG0769FB-A P-BGA769-35x35-1 769F7T PRBG0769FB-A abstract
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Abstract: PRBG0256FB-A PRBG0256FB-A PRBG0456DA-A PRBG0456DA-A PRBG0456DD-A PRBG0456DD-A PRBG0516DD-A PRBG0516DD-A PRBG0516DE-A PRBG0516DE-A PRBG0681FA-A PRBG0681FA-A PRBG0769FB-A PRBG0953FC-A PRBG0953FC-A ... Original

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JHB-PBG3131173 PTA97C PTA81CF ST-BG252524TJ-1 PVQN0020KB-A PTB54C L196-111 PTB06C PTA55C FT77 TNP-20CV ptb41c SL-BG060615TJ-2 SL-BG060615TJ-1 PVQN0064LB-A PVQN0032KA-A PVQN0064LB-A abstract
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