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MP108FDA Apex Microtechnology Inc IC OPAMP 200V 10A 100W A 34DIP ri Buy
LM48511SQBD Texas Instruments The LM48511 Integrates a Boost Converter with a High Efficiency ri Buy
PMP2933 Texas Instruments Synchronous Buck Controller Doubles as a 2-A Buck Boost Inverter ri Buy


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Abstract: JEITA Package Code P-BGA561-31x31-1.00 RENESAS Code PRBG0561FA-A D Previous Code 561F7X-A 561F7X-A MASS[Typ.] 3.0g A A ZD B D1 b S AB e AJ AH AG AF AE AD AC AB AA Y W V U T R P N M L K J H G F E D C B A Reference Symbol ZE E1 E e A1 y S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Index mark S Dimension in Millimeters Min Nom D 30.8 31.0 E 30.8 31.0 A A1 0.4 0.5 e ... Original

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PRBG0561FA-A 561F7X-A PRBG0561FA-A abstract
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Abstract: PVQN0048LB-A PVQN0048LB-A PLBG0304DA-A PLBG0304DA-A PRBG0304DA-A PRBG0304DA-A PRBG0329DA-A PRBG0329DA-A PRBG0385DC-A PRBG0385DC-A PRBG0561FA-A PRBG0561FB-A PRBG0561FB-A PRBG0561FC-A PRBG0561FC-A ... Original

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TNP-20CV PTA63C FT96 SL-BG060615TJ-1 NXBG4040-2.5-0307-6 ST-BG252524TJ-1 PTA97C PTA55C PTA81CF JHB-PBG3131173 L196-111 SL-BG060615TJ-2 PVQN0020KB-A PTB06C PVQN0064LB-A PVQN0032KA-A PVQN0064LB-A abstract
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