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TMS426160A Texas Instruments TMS426160A 1 048 576-Word By 16-Bit High-Speed DRAMS visit Texas Instruments
TMS27C010A-10JL Texas Instruments 1 048 576-Bit Programmable Read-Only Memory 32-CDIP 0 to 70 visit Texas Instruments
TMS27C210-25JL Texas Instruments 1 048 576-Bit Programmable Read-Only Memory 40-CDIP 0 to 70 visit Texas Instruments
TMS27PC210A-10FNL Texas Instruments 1 048 576-Bit Programmable Read-Only Memory 44-PLCC visit Texas Instruments
TMS426169A Texas Instruments TMS426169A 1 048 576-WORD BY 16-BIT EXTENDED DATA OUT DRAM visit Texas Instruments

PM55L-048 Datasheet

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PM55L-048-HHD0 NMB Technologies Stepper Motors, Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards/Modules, MOTOR STEPPER 55MM 24VDC 7.5DEG Original


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Abstract: Drive IC 2SC3346 PM55L-048 Mine be a- Mat s us hi t a Mot or Cor porat ion eMINEBEA.COM Reference Characteristics PM55L-048 Motor Size 48(7.5°/Step) Number of Steps per Rotation 2-2 PHASE Drive Method Drive Circuit UNIPOLAR CONST. VOLT. BIPOLAR CHOPPER Drive Voltage 24[V] 24[V] Current/Phase 800[mA] Coil Resistance/Phase 30[] 5.5[] Drive IC 2SC3346 UDN2916B-V Ferrite plastic magnet (MSPL , PM55L-048 BI-CHOPPER (at 24[V],5.5[],800[mA]) PM55L-048 UNI-CONST. V (at 24[V],30[]) 2500 1800
Minebea-Matsushita Motor
X10-4 Drive IC 2SC3346 minebea PM55L-048 Minebea step pm55l MS50


Abstract: PM55L-048-HHD0 Standard PM Step Motors PM55L-048- HHD0 Step Angle: 7.5° Model Specifications Model: Shaft Length: Wire Length: Wire Holder: PM55L-048-HHD0 15mm 300mm fly lead (no connector) 90 deg. Left Front Plate: FPH (65mm pitch) Electrical: 24V, 600mA Bipolar Constant Current 5.5 ohms, MS70M , Standard PM Step Motors PM55L-048-HHD0 DYNAMIC TORQUE CHARACTERISTICS (No. 62786) (ALL VALUES ARE GAINED BY MEASUREMENT AND NOT SPECIFICATIONS VALUES) Model : PM55L-048-HHD0 Drive Mode : BIPOLAR
NMB Technologies
UDN2917EB NMB Technologies PM55L-048-h PM55L-048 NMB UDN2917 55ohms PM55L-048-