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Abstract: features There are three open-drain, general-purpose outputs (GPOs) on the PCF50611. Programmable via the , Longer battery life and smaller PHONES PCF50611 Highly integrated power management unit for mid-range mobile applications The PCF50611 power management unit (PMU) provides very efficient power , PCF50611 PMU can be broken into four functional blocks: communication and control, power supplies, battery , and control The PCF50611 controls the power ramp-up and ramp-down sequences in the phone and also ST-Ericsson
handset charger circuit diagram CELL PHONE WALL charger pcf5061 Ericsson Battery Backup System PCF506 HVQFN52 FLSTN506110109
Abstract: PCF50611. Programmable via the I2C serial bus interface, they can be connected to two on-chip LED drivers , Longer battery life and smaller phones Philips highly integrated power management unit PCF50611 , power management unit (PMU) PCF50611 provides very efficient phones, this highly cost-efficient device , support for audio and special peripherals. Sophisticated communication and control The PCF50611 controls , battery management The PCF50611 is an on-chip pass device ­ so it reduces system costs ­ and can support Philips Semiconductors
Abstract: IOM2 Battery PMU PCF50611 SIM card Bluetooth module charger ST-Ericsson cellular , management unit (PMU) PCF50611 Highly integrated PMU with DC-DC converter for high-efficiency core supply ST-Ericsson
module sim 300 gsm modem block diagram PNX5209 gsm modem block diagram gsm modem sim 300 block diagram AERO4220 ARM946 PIN ARM946- BRSTN52090109
Abstract: The SySol5210 platform consists of the baseband processor PNX5230 and PMU PCF50611. The PMU delivers -
tea5991 TEA5991UK digital TUNING FM RADIO RECEIVER AUTO SEARCH TUNING FM RADIO RECEIVER st ericsson TEA5991UK stereo to 5.1 converter circuit diagram TEA5991 AN3003 CD00240072
Abstract: consists of the baseband processor PNX5230 and PMU PCF50611. The PMU delivers a 32.768-kHz clock with the -
FM radio CIRcuit DIAGRAM tea5996 RADIO RECEIVER IC FM stereo RDS Radio IC FM radio I2C cheap fm radio ic TEA5996 AN3004 CD00240074