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P0640EB Datasheet

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P0640EB Teccor Electronics, Inc. 58 V, sidactor device

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Abstract: TO-92 "E B " Series SID AC ¬°or Data Book T O - 9 2 " E B " S e r i e s The TO-92 "EB" series SIDACtor is a 100A rated solid state protection device designed for telecommunications applications such as modems, line cards, fax machines, etc. The "EB" series SIDACtor is used to help equipment meet all regulatory requirements including: Bellcore 1089, ITU K.20 & K.21 ,IEC 950, UL 1459 & 1950 and FCC Part 68. Electrical Parameters Part Number P0080EB P0080EB P0300EB P0300EB P0640EB P0720EB P0720EB P0800EB P0800EB P1100EB P1100EB ... OCR Scan

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P2300E p0720eb P2300EB P3100EB datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ) P0640EB 58 150 77 800 1.0 75 100 P064EB P064EB P0720EB P0720EB 65 150 88 800 ... Original

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DO-204AC P31EC p0640ea P0720EC P15EC P072EA P072EB P11EC P11EA P4000EA p3100ea P15EA P13EA P3100EB DO-204AC/DO-15 DO-204AC/DO-15 UL94V-0 DO-204AC/DO-15 abstract
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Abstract: P0300EBLxxx P0640EBLxxx P0720EBLxxx P0900EBLxxx P01100EBLxxx P1300EBLxxx P1500EBLxxx P1800EBLxxx , P3500ECLxxx P0080EB P0080EB P0300EB P0300EB P0640EB P0720EB P0720EB P0900EB P0900EB P01100EB P01100EB P1300EB P1300EB P1500EB P1500EB P1800EB P1800EB P2300EB P2300EB ... Original

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TIA-968-A P0080EA P0300EA P0300ECL P0640EA P0640EBL P0720EA P0900EA 10X36 P1500EA P1800EA P2600EA P3100EBL P2300EC dsl 500b datasheet abstract
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Abstract: P0640EBLxxx P0720EBLxxx P0900EBLxxx P1100EBLxxx P1300EBLxxx P1500EBLxxx P1800EBLxxx P2300EBLxxx , P0080EB P0080EB P0300EB P0300EB P0640EB P0720EB P0720EB P0900EB P0900EB P1100EB P1100EB P1300EB P1300EB P1500EB P1500EB P1800EB P1800EB P2300EB P2300EB P2600EB P2600EB P3100EB P3100EB ... Original

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TIA-968-A P0300EA P0640EA P0720EA P0900EA P1100EA P1300EA P1500EA P3100EA P0080EA P2300EB P3100EB datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Protection devices Selection guide April 2006 2 Contents Introduction 4 Product references 5 ESD production Standards and technical recommendations EOS and ESD transient voltage suppressor: TransilTM 6 6 8 Data protection against ESD 13 Telecom protection 17 Standards 17 Surge protection: TrisilTM 17 Protection ICs 19 Protection devices cross-reference 24 Application notes 45 Package range 46 3 I ... Original

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1S EQUIVALENCE pioneer circuit inc P6KE120A 735 3A143 1.5ke series TISPA79R241 BZW 05 33b 5KE56CA m 9583 transistor axial diode 1.5Se 24 smd DALC transistor 603 11f P1.5KE SMCJ datasheet abstract
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Abstract: PRODUCT CATALOG & DESIGN GUIDE Protection Thyristor Semiconductor Products Littelfuse Circuit Prot Solutions Port Consumer Electronics Telecom White Goods Medical Equipment TVSS and Power DESIGN SUPPORT Live Application Design and Technical Support-Tap into our expertise. Littelfuse engineers are available around the world to help you address design challenges and develop unique, customized solutions for your products. Product Sampling Programs- or contact a L ... Original

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induction cooker circuit diagram P06A diode p31b diode IC P605 8 pin DIODE P31B induction cooker coil design IC RTS 993 for electric bell induction cooker component list on pcb induction cooker fault E1 SMD DIODE P31A datasheet abstract
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P0640EB 1 2 * TERMINALS: MT2 MT1 QN1 5 4 2 NOUT OFF QN2 8 6 7 NOUT OFF QP1 6 8 2 POUT OFF
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