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LM9044V/NOPB Texas Instruments Lambda Sensor Interface Amplifier 20-PLCC -40 to 125 visit Texas Instruments
LM9044VX/NOPB Texas Instruments Lambda Sensor Interface Amplifier 20-PLCC -40 to 125 visit Texas Instruments

Nemic-Lambda CN

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Abstract: NEMIC-LAMBDA R-18 i o 00 § 73 CD o -Vj o CJ O U1 o O CO o K> O o o CD cn 00 Ol 00 00 CO 00 ro CD 00 o co -4 co -vj No r~ o o I- o CJi H o 2 O) 2 2 o 3D cn o ^ cn _x 2 £ 2 CO 2 ro 2 CO -U 2 CO CO 2 NJ Ol 7j _ ro 2 N , -vl (O 0) to -fc* cn M IO OJ IO fO N3 M O IO CO CD IO CO CD IO 0J -4 IO CO CD ro CO cn IO CO ^ M CO CO to co ro IO CO ro CO o ro IO CD IO ro 00 ro ro -j IO IO CD IO ro cn IO ro -U IO IO CO 2 o -
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ZUP-200 MIP0224SY 2SK1937 t201 transformer M51995AFP mip0224 1A548-79-01 R-2-12 R-13-14 R-15-16 R-17-30
Abstract: Voltage 6V Output Current 66A NEMIC-LAMBDA S 0 1 r-§ 00 § 73 i CO 00 w -J CO cn CO U1 w CO CO CO ro CO CO o K> CD K> 00 IO -J to cn ro CJl M N> CO IO M N) IO O CO CO -si cn Ui CO I\J â'"V o CD oo -J cn cn â b. CO to _i. No D o oo a o O o cn D O J*. D o K> g o _i D o J , oi o o o o o o O o O o o o Damaged cn o o o o o o o o o , a> O a C o o T3 CD 3 o a> D o O o K> O â a cd 3 o BJ D o CO D o N O o cn N a 0 00 1 cn zy o -
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ZUP-400 ZD205 fuse BJE 147 SHINDENGEN TR 222 zd106 fuse 9 BJE 147 7431u JA549-79-01 R-17-32 RCR-9102 MIL-HDBK-217F
Abstract: R-17 I o DO g 73 i CO CO oo co -J co CD CO cn co ^ co co co NJ oo co o N3 CO M 00 IO "vl M CD IO Ol N> â'¢ft. 23 22 M 20 CD oo CD Ol £ _k co Fo -X o CD 00 -J CD cn co M No a o 00 D o -si , ) D 9 CO U 6 a t C/> O C/3 â¡ 0 1 CO D 1 o 0 1 cn O (D =â'¢ , D o M 2 a> * o T3 tt 3 N D o cn N O o 00 â  u> =r o o IV N o o O) N â¡ 0 CD 1 U 3" O a 0) O o co b o â'¢Jk N g o a> "M g o 00 â  (A 3" O a a> b o u b o â'¢fc. N D o M 2 cn â  o 73 (D N D o O) N -
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ZUP-800 D408 mosfet mosfet D412 mosfet d408 D407 mosfet D412 mosfet ZD204 IA550-79-01 R-13-16 R-17-18 R-19-36 A501-
Abstract: (FOR CN 1,2) Output power-on lamp. TERMINAL PINS 5194-PBT MOLEX 7 HAND CRIMPING TOOL : JHTR 5904 -
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RWS15A RWS15A-5 RWS15A-12 RWS15A-15 RWS15A-24 RWS15A-48 Nemic-Lambda power supply unit 110-330VDC MOLEX 1.5mm pin Header
Abstract: '" 35.6±1- (1.4010 04im.li) SI u OCN © rc(i) â'¢L CN -f input \ SEE NOTE D CONNECTORS -
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SWT40-522 SWT40-525 SWT40-5FF T2.5AH fuse 6 pin molex Nemic-Lambda VR AC85 Nemic-Lambda 5v SWT40 AC85-265V 340VUC
Abstract: CQ> -II - « 0 V 11 CC, -H * * à V 12 cn 1t- â'¢ o o 0 , TEST RESULT PARTS NAME PART NO. note s¿ O RETEST NO GOOO 1 CAPACITO« cn ^PDS1 -
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Abstract: V ripple CN Fig.A Component side In r n. üi Fi» B L: 150mm AWG#18 C1 ,C3,C5:Film Cap O.l/^F -
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SWT65-522 SWT65-525 SWT65-5FF T3.15AH T3.15A JHTR2445A 15-AH t3.15ah 250v SWT65 AC85-132V 100VAC
Abstract: shown here. D : is for safety ground connection. CN PIN ASSIGN CN21 PIN NO. 5 4 3 2 1 , instructions. MADE IN JAPAN See Note B See Note C NOTES CN PIN ASSIGN A : 4-3.5 holes are for , connection. CN PIN ASSIGN CONNECTORS USED: CN31 PART DESCRIPTION PIN HEADER (INPUT SIDE CN1 TDK-Lambda
ATX POWER SUPPLY 600W circuit diagram circuit for power atx 600w CN 3.3VDC CI94PF00100 ZWX300 B3P5-VHLFSN ZWX-0711E