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NTE3047 Datasheet

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NTE3047 NTE Electronics, Inc. Optoisolator TRIAC Driver Output

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Abstract: NTE3047 Optoisolator TRIAC Driver Output Description: The NTE3047 optoisolator consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode, optically coupled to a silicon bilateral switch and is designed for applications requiring isolated TRIAC triggering, low current isolated AC switching, high electrical isolation (to 7500V peak), high detector standoff voltage, small size, and low cost. Applications: D Solenoid/Valve Controls D Lamp Ballasts D Motor Controls D Static AC Power Switch D ... Original

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triac triggering nte3047 Optoisolator optoisolator 7500VAC Optoisolator Triac Driver NTE3047 115VAC NTE3047 abstract
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Abstract: NE5230D NE5230D 1.05 PHI 855 NTE1784 NTE1784 4.83 NTE - NTE3047 3.54 NTE - MSP430P325IFN MSP430P325IFN 13.04 TIS - NE527N NE527N 1.74 PHI - ... Original

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NTE283 NTE2019 NTE159 NTE3097 NTE3041 ne5090n NE4558D NTE133 NTE290A NTE3084 NTE2732 NTE128p nte184 NTE102A NTE3098 MPX2010GS MTP75N06HD MPX2010GS abstract
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Abstract: Semiconductors/ Components SEMICONDUCTORS MCM has an extensive selection of SMD (Surface Mount Devices) which are denoted on the following page with an *(asterisk)! section 16 Semiconductors/Components Audio Power Amplifiers . . . . . . . . .348 Audio Grade Capacitors 361 Bridge Rectifiers 348, 349 Capacitors . . . . .354~363 Crystals . . . . . . . . . . .366 Diodes 348, 349, 351, 353 Electron Tubes . . . . . .361 Heat Sinks . . . . . . . . .350 IC Protectors . . . . . . .350 IC Sock ... Original

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Abstract: MCUS, MPUS, DSPS & DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Find Datasheets Online 8-BIT MCUS & DEVELOPMENT TOOLS 1 ARDUINO MCU DEVLOPMENT PLATFORM PSoCTM 3 DEVELOPMENT KITS Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. Boards come with defferent controllers and features. Additional functionalities can be added with pre-made shields (daugther cards) or a designer can make custom shields with the available prototyping shields. ARDUINO BOARDS Kit ... Original

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SKiiP 82 AC 12 T1 arduino mega 2560 bosch me 7.3.1 0 261 207 609 pinout PID code for DC Motor control lpc1768 arduino uno r2 arduino pspice model library spi 8tg 00005 arduino uno SKIIP 513 gb 173 ct skiip 613 gb 123 ct arduino nano datasheet abstract
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