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NTE3047 NTE Electronics OPTOISOLATOR WITH TRIAC OUTPUT 6-PIN DIP VISO=7500V VDRM=250V 90 from $1.75 (Feb 2017) Allied Electronics Buy
NTE3047 NTE Electronics OPTOISOLATOR, TRIAC, 7500VRMS 4 from $2.45 (Aug 2016) element14 Asia-Pacific Buy
NTE3047 NTE Electronics OPTOCOUPLER, TRIAC, 7500VRMS from €47.2080 (Feb 2017) Farnell element14 Buy
NTE3047 NTE Electronics - 15 from $3.17 (Jan 2017) Master Electronics Buy
NTE3047 NTE Electronics OPTOISOLATOR, TRIAC, 7500VRMS; Triac Operating Mode:-; Isolation Voltage:7.5kV; Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage, Vdrm:250V; Optocoupler Case Style:DIP; No. of Pins:6; Packaging:Each; Input Current:10mA; No. of Channels:1 ;RoHS Compliant: Yes 112 from $1.68 (Jan 2017) Newark element14 Buy
NTE3047 NTE Electronics Optocoupler Triac AC-OUT 1-CH 250VDRM 6-Pin PDIP 15 from $3.17 (Nov 2016) Onlinecomponentscom Buy

NTE3047 Datasheet

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NTE3047 NTE Electronics Optoisolator TRIAC Driver Output

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Abstract: NTE3047 Optoisolator TRIAC Driver Output Description: The NTE3047 optoisolator consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode, optically coupled to a silicon bilateral switch and is designed for applications requiring isolated TRIAC triggering, low current isolated AC switching, high electrical isolation (to 7500V peak), high detector standoff voltage, small size, and low cost. Applications: D Solenoid/Valve Controls D Lamp Ballasts D Motor Controls D Static AC Power Switch D ... NTE Electronics

2 pages,
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triac triggering nte3047 Optoisolator optoisolator 7500VAC Optoisolator Triac Driver NTE3047 TEXT
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Abstract: NE5230D NE5230D 1.05 PHI 855 NTE1784 NTE1784 4.83 NTE — NTE3047 3.54 NTE — MSP430P325IFN MSP430P325IFN 13.04 TIS — NE527N NE527N 1.74 PHI — ... Original

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NTE3047 Buy 0069-131XX-XXGX Buy
NTE3047 Buy 48-155252 Buy
NTE3047 Buy E-00620-0172 Buy
NTE3047 Buy ECG3047 Buy
NTE3047 Buy GE3009 Buy
NTE3047 Buy GE3010 Buy
NTE3047 Buy GE3011 Buy
NTE3047 Buy GE3012 Buy
NTE3047 Buy H11J1 Buy
NTE3047 Buy H11J2 Buy