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NTE1693 Datasheet

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NTE1693 NTE Electronics, Inc. Integrated Circuit Telephone Pulse Dialer (CMOS)

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Abstract: NTE1693 Integrated Circuit Telephone Pulse Dialer (CMOS) Description: The NTE1693 is a CMOS LSI pulse dialer in a 16'ead DIP type package with redial which integrates a ceramic resonator as a frequency reference. Features: D Make Ratio: 33/39% Pin'-electable. D Pulse Output: "1" True D Mute Output: "0" True D 17'igit Redial with either * or # Input D Uses a Ceramic Oscillator as a Frequency Reference D Direct Telephone Line Operation D Uses either a Standard 2'f�Matrix Keyboard or a Single ... Original

3 pages,
24.33 Kb

Telephone Dialer Circuit NTE1693 NTE1693 abstract
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NTE1693 Buy LM317LZ Buy This OCR data book cross reference data includes some internal part numbers. Please review the part datasheets for accuracy.