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NTE1498 Datasheet

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NTE1498 NTE Electronics Dual Peak Power Meter Driver

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Abstract: LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS NTE 1496 16 -Lead DIP, See Diag. 248 Vertical/Horizontal O SC & X -R a y Circuit, VCC = 12V typ N TE1497 TE1497 (Front View) Audio Preamp W /ALC, VC C = 15V 7 -L e ad SIP, See Diag. 208 NTE1498*(Front View) 9 -L e ad SIP, See Diag. 213 Dual Peak Power Meter Driver I v cc AFC Output 2 Comp Video Input Horiz Drive Output Q Sync Sep Output Vert Drive Output NTE1499 NTE1499 (Front View) 1/20 Frequency Divider, VCc = 7V Max ] I Lt Ch Hold I Input ... OCR Scan

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Abstract: NTE1498 Integrated Circuit Dual Peak Power Meter Driver Features: D Dynamic Range: 40dB Typ D Wide Range Meter for the 1/4 Root Compression D Single and Dual Power Supply Operation D Built­In Zener Diode Providing Stable Operation to Variations in Supply Voltage (Zener Voltage: ±8.5V) D Two Built­In Channels ­ Excellent for Matching Characteristics for Stereo Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25°C unless otherwise specified) Supply Current, ICC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... NTE Electronics

2 pages,
19.92 Kb

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NTE Electronics Cross Reference Results

NTE Electronics Part Industry Part
NTE1498 Buy 482220980408 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 4822-209-80408 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 482220980478 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 4822-209-80478 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 4H20980408 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 4H20980478 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 518067S Buy
NTE1498 Buy 6193140200 Buy
NTE1498 Buy 8-759-273-18 Buy
NTE1498 Buy ECG1498 Buy

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NTE1498 Buy TCG1498 Buy This OCR data book cross reference data includes some internal part numbers. Please review the part datasheets for accuracy.