NL6448AC33-29 Datasheet

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NL6448AC33-29 NEC 26 cm 10.4 inches, 640 x 480 pixels, 262,144 colors, Incorporated two-lAmp / Edge-light type backlight Ultra Wide viewing angle Original


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Abstract: DATA SHEET TFT COLOR LCD MODULE NL6448AC33-29 26 cm (10.4 inches), 640 × 480 pixels, 262,144 , NL6448AC33-29 is a TFT (thin film transistor) active matrix color liquid crystal display (LCD) comprising amorphous silicon TFT attached to each signal electrode, a driving circuit and a backlight. NL6448AC33-29 , simultaneously. NL6448AC33-29 is suitable for industrial application use, because the viewing angle is ultra , © 1999 NL6448AC33-29 STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS A color TFT (thin film transistor) LCD module is NEC
104LHS31 photodetector nec NL6448AC33 r 639 r 640 104lhs EN0439EJ1V0DS00
Abstract: temperature range Features shape and mounting compatibility as successor to NL6448AC33-29 industrial TFT , 280cd/m NL8060BC26-17 640 × 480 pixels Ultra-wide viewing angle 250cd/m2 NL6448AC33-29 , 600 262,144 colors 0.264 × 0.264 280cd/m2 300:1 NL6448AC33-29 640 × 480 262,144 NEC
121PW111 NL3224AC35-13 104PWBR1 NL6448AC33-18A 104PW191 NL6448BC20-08E NL160120AC27-01A NL128102AC31-02 NL128102AC31-02A NL128102AC28-07
Abstract: -18A NL6448AC33-18B NL6448AC33-18J NL6448AC33-24 NL6448AC33-27 NL6448AC33-29 NL6448BC33-31 NL6448BC33 NEC
DOD-N0242 NEC 104PWbr1 NEC lcd backlight nl6448ac33-24 104LHS29L NEC lcd backlight inverter lz-5s-sc3 DOD-H8208
Abstract: -17 12.1 NL10276BC20-04 10.4 NL8060BC26-17 NL6448AC33-29 6 12.1 Selection Guide , -17 Ultra-wide viewing angle 250 cd/m2 NL6448AC33-29 Wide viewing angle 350 cd/m2 NL6448BC33 NEC
NL10276AC30-09 CRT 2380 NL3224AC35-01 NL10276AC30-03L NEC 104PW161 NL12876AC39-01 AE0408N EN0508EJ5V0SG00
Abstract: -20.(or 22) NL6448AC33-18 NL6448AC33-18. NL6448AC33-29 NL6448AC33-29. NL6448BC20-08 (or 09Y, 08E). Endicott Research Group
A201SN02 Toshiba TLX-1741-C3M LCD display ltm150x0-l01 LM64P101 LMG9520RPCC-A LTM190M2-L31 TOSHIBA TLX-1741-C3M L150X2M-1 L170E3-4 AND08C351-HB AND10C209A-4HB AND10C209A-DHB AND10C209A-HB
Abstract: ) NL3224BC35-20.(or 22) NL6448AC33-18 NL6448AC33-18. NL6448AC33-29 NL6448AC33-29. NL6448BC20-08 (or 09Y Endicott Research Group
LQ121K1LG52 KG057QV1CA-G00 LM32P073 M190EG02 LP141XA NL6448BC33-59 AND10C273-4HB AND10C273-DHB AND10C273-HB AND10C306L AND12C275A-HB AND12C275C-DHB
Abstract: -10 NL128102AC31-02A NL128102BC28-09 NL12876BC26-21 NL160120BC27-02 NL3224BC35-20 NL6448AC33-18 NL6448AC33-29 Endicott Research Group
K2607 TOSHIBA erg E1715 DMF50081N LQ10D021 Toshiba TLX LCD display TLX-1501-c3m 04C380K-HB 08C343S A056DN01 A065GW01 A068EN01 A070FW01
Abstract: -21 NL160120BC27-02 NL204153BC21-01/01A NL204153BM21-02 NL3224BC35-20 NL3224BC35-20. NL6448AC33-18 NL6448AC33-29 Endicott Research Group
B152EW01 TLX-5152S-C3M kcb104vg2ca-a43 LQ088H9DR01 KCS077VG2EA-A43 tlx-1741-c3m M170EN04 LP104S06-A1 A040CN01 A070VW01 A102VW01 A201SN01 B084SN01 B084SN02
Abstract: (2) ON ON OFF OFF Sharp LQ64D343 640x480 (3) ON OFF ON OFF NEC NL6448AC33-29 640x480 (3 Digital View
VGA 15 PIN to dvi-d wiring DIAGRAM CLAA070NA01CT chunghwa lcd pin data NEC RELAY EG2 LTA260W2-L01 1366x768 ALR-1400 41710003X/4X-3 RS-232