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Abstract: Recommended J-BERT N4903B configuration for a 28.4 Gb/s setup: N4903B. APPLICATIONS for the N4876A N4876A , N4876A N4876A extends the variable generator data rate of J-BERT N4903B up to 28.4 Gb/s and of ParBERT 81250A , Multiplexer allows to extend the pattern generator data rate of the J-BERT N4903B and ParBERT 81250A up to , jitter, so when using it with the JBERT N4903B, calibrated RJ and PJ can be generated. The small size ... Original

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100GBASE- 8125 E5810 E5810A-100 EN61010-1 IEC61010-1 R1282 N4910A UL 61010-1 N4903B 100GBASE-LR4 N4876A N4876A abstract
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Abstract: measurements using the forwarded half-rate clock to be used as sampling clock for J-BERT N4903B. Device , Transparent to jitter · Flexible usage as front-end for J-BERT N4903B, ParBERT 81250A or other pattern generators · Optional clock multiplier (Option 001) · Small size · Programmable via J-BERT N4903B or , external clock is provided, to use the analyzer of J-BERT N4903B can be used to accurately characterize , test J-BERT N4903B Figure 2. Generating a de-emphasis signal with N4916B N4916B and J-BERT N4903B 3 ... Original

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USB3 connector female 10GBASE-KR 10Gbase-kr transmitter 8125 EN61010-1 IEC61010-1 IEC61326-1 N4903A N4903B N4916B N4916B programming 10GBASE 40GBASE-KR N4911A-002 N4916B abstract
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Abstract: Generator N4903B N4903B-C13 N4903B-C07 N4903B-G13 N4903B-G07 N4903B-D14 [3] Generator , calibrated jitter injection from N4903B. Clock input (CLK IN) There are two modes when using the clock , Agilent J-BERT N4903B High-Performance Serial BERT 7 Gb/s and 12.5 Gb/s Data Sheet Version 1.2 , serial bit error ratio test (BERT) solutions for R&D and manufacturing. The J-BERT N4903B , > 14 Gb/s N4903B Options D14, 002 with N4876A N4876A n/a Optical transceivers, i.e.: SONET, SDH, 10 ... Original

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SSC 2215 81630A N4903A-J10 N4906B-012 N4915A SSC 1000 user manual spread spectrum MIPI N4915A-008 mipi prbs pattern generator N4903B PJ 0349 N4903B abstract
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