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ZMID-COMBOARD Integrated Device Technology Inc BOARD-0, Box visit Integrated Device Technology
ARF44-7419A Texas Instruments 10mw OEM Modem visit Texas Instruments
ARF34-7151A Texas Instruments 50 mW OEM modem visit Texas Instruments
ARF34-7151B Texas Instruments 50 mW OEM modem visit Texas Instruments
PMP5660.1 Texas Instruments Multi-Transformer 2x25V (390V@192mA) visit Texas Instruments
PMP5660.2 Texas Instruments Multi-Transformer 2x25V (50V@700mA) visit Texas Instruments

Midcom modem transformer 671-1538

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Abstract: Midcom modem transformer 671-1538 IVidcnm Modem Coupling Transformer: 671-1538 Features â'¢ Low distortion, specifically for use in high speed data applications â'¢ Low profile â'¢ Flat frequency response Specifications Designed to reflect 600 ohms on PRI with 536 ohms on SEC Longitudinal Balance: 60 dB minimum, 200 Hz to 1 kHz 40 dB minimum, 1 kHz to 4 kHz D C. Resistance: PRI 43 ohms ± 10% SEC 43 ohms ± 10 , , SD 57201 â'¢ Phone 800-643-2661 â'¢ Fax 605-886-4486 Details subject to change. Contact Midcom
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Midcom modem transformer 671-1538

Abstract: SMV144ACW pin-compatible data/fax/voice/audio modem engines provides the OEM with a complete V.34/V.17, V.32bis/V.17 or V.22bis/V.29 modem in a compact socket-mountable module. Several models of the SocketModem are available , the SocketModem minimizes real estate and cost for motherboard and box modem applications. Its low , hardware changes. This designer's guide describes the modem hardware. AT commands and S Registers are defined in the AT Command Reference Manual (Order No. 1048). 1.1.1 High Speed As a data modem, the High
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems

ic MIP 0254

Abstract: ATMEL 520 24C02 * RC96AC and RC144AC Modem Designer's Guide 1 1.1 INTRODUCTION SUMMARY 1.2 FEATURES · Operating modes The Rockwell RC96AC/RC144AC is a 2-device data/fax modem device set integrated , TrueFAXTM family, the modem supports Group 3 facsimile send and receive. As a fax modem, the modem supports V.17 (RC144AC), V.29, V.27 ter, and V.21 channel 2 recommendations. As a data modem, the modem , standards. The modem operates at telco speeds up to 9600 bps (RC96AC) or 14,400 bps (RC144AC). With data
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ic MIP 0254 ATMEL 520 24C02 ic MIP 0254 204 u LM386 IC MIP 0255 schematic Midcom modem transformer 671-1538 EIA/TIA578 EIA/TIA592 42/MNPTM2-4 TW31HY