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Abstract: . Specification: MX860 ©Copyright 2008, Micronix, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. MX860 Drawing No , Click here to request a full data sheet MX860 +/-15V ePaper Source Driver Features: · · · · · , 2.7V to 5.5V Logic Supply Voltage Cascadable General Description The MX860 is a selectable 240, 256 , voltages. An 8-bit input bus simultaneously inputs 4 groups of 2 bits each. The MX860 consists of a , into the MX860, modified by the OE pin. The MX860 is designed to operate over a temperature range of Micronix
MX860WB MX860XB MX860K MX860TC 086009SF
Abstract: · Source Driver interfaces to the Micronix MX860 IC or compatible · Gate Driver Interface for Seiko Epson
S1D13521 E ink AM300 prototype kit EPD controller epson ink level controller epson ink Epson EPD controller X88A-C-001-01
Abstract: pop-up windows · Source Driver interfaces to the Micronix MX860 IC or compatible · Gate Driver Seiko Epson
epson "contact image sensor" S1D13521 driver seiko ink data AM300 seiko ink
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