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MTP5P25 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
MTP5P25 Toshiba Power MOSFETs Cross Reference Guide Original
MTP5P25 Motorola Switchmode Datasheet Scan
MTP5P25 Motorola P-channel TMOS power FET. 250 V, 5 A, Rds(on) 3 Ohm. Scan
MTP5P25 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
MTP5P25 N/A FET Data Book Scan


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Abstract: mtp5p25 rain Diode C haracterized fo r Use W ith Ind u ctive Loads MTM5P25 MTP5P25 TMOS POWER FETs 5 , s Gate-Source Voltage - = Symbol Vd SS 1 M ill 50 us) V DGR vgs ^ MTM5P25 MTP5P25 , ) 250 Vdc m Adc 0.2 1 (c o n tin u e d ) MTP5P25 C A S E 221A-04 TO-22QAB T h is d o cu m e n t c , MTM/MTP5P25 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS - continued (T c = 25°C un le ss otherw ise noted , MOTOROLA TMOS POWER MOSFET DATA MTM/MTP5P25 TYPICAL ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS !q . DRAiN CURRENT
OCR Scan

MTP 5P25

Abstract: AN569 in Motorola Power Applications Characterized for Use With Inductive Loads MTP5P25 TMOS POWER FET 5 AMPERES ^DS(on) = 3 OHMS 250 VOLTS Y , %. MOTOROLA TMOS POWER MOSFET DATA 3-286 MTP5P25 riOTOROLA SC -CXSTRS/R F> bflE â  t.3b?aSM ODìflbfll ITI , Temperature MOTOROLA TMOS POWER MOSFET DATA 3-287 MTP5P25 MOTOROLA SC -CXSTRS/R F> bfiE â  b3t , Response MOTOROLA TMOS POWER MOSFET DATA 3-288 MTP5P25 MOTOROLA SC (XSTRS/R F) höE D â  b3b7S54
OCR Scan
MTP 5P25 AN569 in Motorola Power Applications TMOS Power FET 221A-06


Abstract: MOTOROLA SC ÃXSTRS/R F> bôE â  b3b?2SM 0 m a b 7 e S43 1 â  HOTb MOTOROLA â  SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA MTP5P25 Advance Information P o w er Field E ffe c t T ran sisto r P-Channel Enhancement-Mode Silicon Gate If This TMOS Power FET is designed for , -CXSTRS/R F> MTP5P25 bflE â  L.3b75SM ODTflbfll IT I n o T b TYPICAL ELECTRICAL , MOSFET DATA 3-287 3 MOTOROLA SC -CXSTRS/R F> MTP5P25 â  bflE b3L.7B54 Q C H
OCR Scan
MTPSP25 Y145M AND-02 314B03


Abstract: P180 TO-220AB MTP5P25 MOT P -250 ±20 -5 75 ±100 + 20 -2.0 -4. 5 -1 3.0 -10 -2. 5 1.0 -2.5 1600 400
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MTP3N80 MTP3N95 MTP4N05L MTP4N06L MTP4N08 MTP4N40E P180 mtp4n50e MTP3P26 T0-220AB


Abstract: NTP3055 MTP50N06V MTP50N06VL MTP52N06V MTP52N06VL MTP5N40E MTP5P06V MTP5P25 MTP6N60E MTP6P20E MTP7N20E
ON Semiconductor
MTB20N20E MTB3N100ET4 MTB3N120E MTB3N60ET4 MTP27N10E NTP3055AV NTP3055 irf630 irf640 IRF540 0708B MTB1306 08-DEC-2000 S21431 RYFV70 T0220 MTB1306T4 MTB15N06V


Abstract: P40N10 MTP3N45 MTP3N50 MTP3N55 MTP3N60 MTP4N45 MTP4N50 MTP5N05 MTP5N06 MTP5N35 MTP5N40 MTP5P18 MTP5P20 MTP5P25
OCR Scan
TP2955 TP8N20 MTM13N50E P40N10 p50n05 8n50e 24N40 motorola 20n50e BUZ10 BUZ11 BUZ11A BUZ11S2 BUZ15 BUZ171


Abstract: 1RF150 MTP2P45 3-407 250 4 1.5 MTP3P25 3 3-427 3 2.5 MTP5P25 5 3-447 2 4 MTP8P25 8 3-462 20Q 0.5 6
OCR Scan
1RFZ40 1RF150 MTP25N10E MTP35N06E mth7n50 Transistor BUZ80a equivalent DK101/D MTP2P50 IRF9640 IRF9630 MTP8P10 MTP12P10


Abstract: BUZ84A mtp2p50 2 75 3-407 450 mtp2p45 3-407 250 4 1.5 mtp3p25 3 3-427 3 2.5 mtp5p25 5 3-447 2 4
OCR Scan
MFE9200 BUZ84A BUZ90 equivalent IRF150 MOSFET AMP circuit BUZ35S MTP40N06M MTP2955 T-97-60 0020-H


Abstract: BRX49 SCR 3 0.4 4 MTP8P08 3 2.5 MTP5P25 5 0.3 6 MTP12P08 12 2 250 4
ATV5030 MLED96 BRX49 SCR MRF549 MRF660 MRF548 ATV5090B ATV6031 ATV6060H ATV7050 BAL99LT1