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Abstract: MTB36N06VT4 MTB36N06VT4 MTB3N100E MTB3N100E MTB3N100ET4 MTB3N100ET4 MTB3N120E MTB3N120E MTB3N120ET4 MTB3N120ET4 MTB3N60ET4 MTB40N10E MTB40N10E MTB40N10ET4 MTB40N10ET4 MTB4N40ET4 MTB4N40ET4 ... Original

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0708D MBR7030WT PLA508 MTB20N20E MTB30 MTB33N10ET4 MTB3N120E MTP12N10E MTB3N100ET4 MTP1N100E MTP27N10E MTB1306 0708B MTB3N60ET4 MTP6N60E equivalent 08-DEC-2000 S21431 08-DEC-2000 abstract
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Abstract: SWITCHMODE t Power Supplies Reference Manual and Design Guide SMPSRM/D Rev. 0, 5/1999 SMPSRM Mfax is a trademark of Motorola, Inc. Motorola reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein. Motorola makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does Motorola assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit, and specifically disclaims ... Original

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Buck converter with tl494 SOLUTION FOR SMPS USING TL494 smps with uc3842 and tl431 mc34063 step down with mosfet tl494 dc to ac inverters TL494 step up atx power supply UC3842 diagram tl494 spice model transformer orega 40346 mc34063 step up with mosfet uc3844 smps power supply datasheet abstract
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Abstract: SMPSRM/D Rev. 2, Apr-2000 ON Semiconductor PUBLICATION ORDERING INFORMATION NORTH AMERICA Literature Fulfillment: Literature Distribution Center for ON Semiconductor P.O. Box 5163, Denver, Colorado 80217 USA Phone: 303-675-2175 or 800-344-3860 Toll Free USA/Canada Fax: 303-675-2176 or 800-344-3867 Toll Free USA/Canada Email: Fax Response Line: 303-675-2167 or 800-344-3810 Toll Free USA/Canada N. American Technical Support: 800-282-9855 Toll Free USA/Canada EUR ... Original

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tl494 smps circuit diagram pages smps based 45 watt inverter MC34063 Boost MOSFET TL494 AC-DC CONVERTER uc3842 battery charger schematic full bridge pwm controller sg3526 MC34063 boost step up 24v uc3842 AC-DC 150W application 600 watt uc3844 smps schematic 250 watt uc3844 smps schematic TL494 AC-DC 150W application datasheet abstract
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Fairchild Cross Reference Results

Fairchild Part Orderable Industry Part Manufacturer Type Family Description
FQB4N80 FQB4N80 Buy MTB3N60ET4 Buy ON Semiconductor Close Power MOSFET 800V N-Channel QFET
FQB5N50C FQB5N50CTM Buy MTB3N60ET4 Buy ON Semiconductor Close Power MOSFET 500V N-Channel Advance QFET C-Series
FQB8N60C FQB8N60CTM Buy MTB3N60ET4 Buy ON Semiconductor Close Power MOSFET 600V N-Channel Advance QFET C-Series