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LM8335TLEVM Texas Instruments LM8335 General-Purpose Output Expander with MIPI RFFE Host Interface Evaluation Module Board ri Buy
LM3279EVM Texas Instruments LM3279 Buck-Boost Converter with MIPI(r) RFFE Interface for RF Power Amplifiers Evaluation Module ri Buy
SN65DSI85ZQE Texas Instruments MIPI DSI Bridge to FlatLink LVDS 64-BGA MICROSTAR JUNIOR -40 to 85 ri Buy


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Abstract: FSA642 FSA642 Low-Power, Three-Port, High-Speed MIPI Switch Description Features Low On Capacitance , optimized for switching between two MIPI devices, such as cameras or LCD displays and on-board Multimedia , Interface (MIPI). The lowcapacitance design allows the FSA642 FSA642 to switch signals that exceed 500MHz in , of high-speed differential signals and single-ended signals, as described by the MIPI , , High-Speed MIPI Switch July 2010 AccuPowerTM Auto-SPMTM Build it NowTM CorePLUSTM CorePOWERTM ... Original

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Abstract: MICROTECTM, NUCLEUSTM of Mentor Graphics Corporation. MifareTM of NXP. MIPITM of MIPI Alliance, Inc. MIPSTM ... Original

30 pages,
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2.4ghz lnb Trimble SENSONOR agilent ads Germanium Transistor diodes transistor marking k2 dual X-GOLD colossus gummel poon model parameter HBT XPOSYS BFP640ESD BFP640ESD abstract
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Abstract: DM3730 DM3730, DM3725 DM3725 SPRS685D SPRS685D ­ AUGUST 2010 ­ REVISED JULY 2011 DM3730 DM3730, DM3725 DM3725 Digital Media Processors Check for Samples: DM3730 DM3730, DM3725 DM3725 1 DM3730 DM3730, DM3725 DM3725 Digital Media Processors 1.1 123456 Features Load-Store Architecture With Non-Aligned Support · 64 32-Bit General-Purpose Registers · Instruction Packing Reduces Code Size · All Instructions Conditional · Additional C64x+TM Enhancements ­ Protected Mode Operation ­ Expectations Support for Error Detection and Program Redirec ... Original

280 pages,
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bt.656 to MIPI jt8 ah MIPI TO bt 601 sample program dm3730 SPRS685D CVBS TO MIPI MIPI CVBS sprugn4 DM3730 DM3725 DM3730 abstract
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Abstract: 2.2.4 J19,MIPIConnector The following figure and table show the 60 pin MIPI header. Figure 5, J19 , . 11 2.2.4 J19, MIPI Connector , . 12 Figure 5, J19, 60pin MIPI ETM Header , . 11 Table 6, J19, MIPI Connector Signal Mapping , , 2mm 40x2, 2mm 19x2, mictor 4pin, Type B 4pin, Type A 30x2, MIPI 2.5mm CAN2 ARM 20pin JTAG header ... Original

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XDS100V2USBJTAG ft2232 HALCOGEN JTAG connector 10x2 JTAG header 10x2 Connector 337-Pin w2fc XDS100 MIPI reference manual 8Mb SDRAM 5.0v memory 8MB SDRAM sdram pcb layout guide XDS100V2 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: NFM21PS106 BNX025H01 NFM18CC470 DLW5BTM142SQ2 NFM18PC104 dlw5atn NFM31KC103 NFM18PC225 Line High Speed Signal Line (USB/LVDS/IEEE1394/mipi etc.) p160 Ultra High Speed Signal Line (HDMI ... Original

223 pages,
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NFM31 BLM15AX601SN1 smd 5050 RGB BLM15GG471 BLM18KG601SN blm18kg601 winding generater BLM21pG121 blm18Pg471SN BLM18PG331 BLM18KG121 blm18Pg471 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Serial Interfaces such as MDDI, MIPI, MVI and MPL I/O Port Protection for Mobile Handsets, Notebook ... Original

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vn marking code vn sot CM1263-02SE IEC61000-4-2 CM1263-02SE abstract
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Abstract: interfaces such as HDMI or MIPI D-PHY. The EMI4182 EMI4182 provides protection for two differential data line pairs , Applications · HDMI/DVI Display in Mobile Phones · MIPI D-PHY (CSI-2, DSI, etc) in Mobile Phones and Digital , Cross-Coupling Figure 6. Common Mode Inter-Lane Cross-Coupling 3 EMI4182 EMI4182 MIPI DSI (D-PHY) Host MIPI DSI (D-PHY) Client EMI4182 EMI4182 Evaluation Board Figure 7. MIPI D-PHY LP Mode Test Setup Figure 8. EMI4182 EMI4182 MIPI D-PHY LP Mode Measured Results 4 EMI4182 EMI4182 ... Original

10 pages,
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EMI4182 HDMI TO DSI cable mipi dvi WDFN-10 MIPI csi-2 MIPI spec HDMI TO MIPI DSI MIPI d-phy spec inter-lane cross-coupling MIPI DSI spec MIPI csi-2 spec WDFN10 EMI4182 abstract
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Abstract: Graphics Corporation. MifareTM of NXP. MIPITM of MIPI Alliance, Inc. MIPSTM of MIPS Technologies, Inc. , Ethernet, Firewire, S-ATA Mobile HDMI Link, MDDI, MIPI, etc. 2 Product Description Pin 1 Pin 1 , LCD LS MDDI MIPI RoHS S-ATA TA TOP tp Tstg USB VBR VCL VESD VFC VR VRWM Final Data Sheet ... Original

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teaklite 726-ESD3V3U1U02LRHE6 XPOSYS aurix datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Signal Routing VCC OE 7 6 D1­ DESCRIPTION/ORDERING ... Original

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TS3USB30 SCDS237E TS3USB30 abstract
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Abstract: Corporation. MifareTM of NXP. MIPITM of MIPI Alliance, Inc. MIPSTM of MIPS Technologies, Inc., USA. muRataTM of ... Original

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XPOSYS BGS12AL7-6 BGS12AL7-6 abstract
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Over 1.1 million files (1986-2015): html articles, reference designs, gerber files, chemical content, spice models, programs, code, pricing, images, circuits, parametric data, RoHS data, cross references, pcns, military data, and more. Please note that due to their age, these files do not always format correctly in modern browsers. Disclaimer.
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Xilinx 05/09/1996 1804.08 Kb UUE 4kefixsn.uue
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Xilinx 05/09/1996 1743.89 Kb UUE 4kefixhp.uue
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Xilinx 05/09/1996 4001.98 Kb UU ver_ex.uu
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Xilinx 08/07/1996 4001.98 Kb UU ver_ex.uu
(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0) :# # + && [ !
Motorola 17/09/1996 5807.31 Kb HQX 821umsea.hqx
No abstract text available (sn65lvds315.ibs)
Texas Instruments 06/08/2011 8.73 Kb ZIP
(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0) :& [ * $ $ " [!!" !! - schematics - pcb-st/mac/mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 22278.99 Kb HQX mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0) :% !!! !! # !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X,!!!!)!%"!3!!!!!!!!!!!%!!"Q3!2rrrrm!!!!!rrrrr`! !!!!!!!!$!!!#3`!!!!%!!!QB!!!+X!!!,#3!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!! - designworks 4.3.1/mac/dwm_installer.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 16069.24 Kb HQX dwm_installer.hqx
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SGS-Thomson 07/08/1995 108.34 Kb PL