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Abstract: SOT-223 PACKAGE REL MONITOR DATA High Temperature Storage Life +150 deg C, Device Lot No Pkg MIC37139 MIC37139 1.8YS 6A22851M09 6A22851M09 MIC37138 2.5BS 6A31921M70 6A31921M70 Plating Date Code SS # , MIC37139 MIC37139 1.8YS 6A22851M09 6A22851M09 SOT223 PREC.L3 +260C Sn 0648 176 0 MIC37138 2.5BS , 7560 MIC37138 2.5BS 6A31921M70 6A31921M70 SOT223 Sn/Pb 0647 45 168 7560 MIC5200 MIC5200 5.0YS , SOT223 Sn 0648 MIC37138 2.5BS 6A31921M70 6A31921M70 SOT223 Sn/Pb 0647 MIC5200 MIC5200 5.0YS ... Original

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0527 prec 2A06033M04 MIC5200 5.0ys sot223 50ys l3 sot223 MIC37139 MIC39100 MIC37138 MIC5239-3.3YS SOT223 6A22851M09 6A31921M70 5A08813M29 MIC37139 abstract
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Abstract: ADP3336 ADP3336 MIC5239 MIC5239 MIC5239 MIC5239 has improved IQ and wider input range. ADP3338 ADP3338 MIC37138 MIC39100 MIC39100 ... Original

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udn2981 datasheet adp3331 TC1426 MIC5891 unitrode Applications Note uc3843 uc2575 MIC5205 icl7555 MIC2930x Mic5219 cross RT9179 cross reference KA3843 UDN2981 application note UC3845 dc dc applications A8184 A8187 A8184 abstract
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Abstract: la47 201 SMD ld50 ld33 smd SMD LD33 1.5A 1.5A 3A MIC39150/1 MIC39150/1 MIC2930x 5A 7.5A 1A 1.5A MIC39500/1 MIC39500/1 MIC37138 ... Original

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kingston micro SD card 8050 sot-23 kj 8445 Samsung galaxy LD33 data sheet TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE 1P LD33 VOLTAGE REGULATOR ST ld33 st smd code marking ld33 st LD33 LD50 VOLTAGE REGULATOR TRANSISTOR si 6822 LD33 regulator datasheet abstract
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Abstract: to 16V 1mA 700mV MIC37138 1A 2.5 2.5V to 6V 11mA 280mV ┬ÁCap LDO ... Original

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regulator 7812 ct 4606 mosfet 7812 D2PAK SOP8 8002 Amplifier marking SA sot-23-5 SMD 6/smd diode marking Av MLF 6245 2616 nikko hp 7613 7 segment display 8002 1030 mosfet 4800 HALL SOT-23-4 scr ky 202 datasheet abstract
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Analog Devices Cross Reference

Analog Devices Industry Part Manufacturer Description Type
ADP3338 Buy MIC37138 Buy Micrel Technology

Micrel Cross Reference Results

Micrel Part Industry Part Manufacturer Type
MIC37138 Buy ADP3338 Buy Analog Devices Pin-for-pin, functional replacement: Micrel replacement is pin-for-pin compatible, DC and AC parameters are compatible for most applications, but may not be 100% functionally compatible for all applications.