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Abstract: XC9216-Series ) 50V 1000mW 10uA (VR=50V) n/a 1.2pF max Ceramic SMD MI809 15 XC6108 XC6108 I Detect ... Original

16 pages,
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pwm switch mode power single chip PFM DC/DC Converter XC6351A sot25 XC9226-Series XCM504 Step-up 12V to 19V 5A 6b smd transistor torex micro smd package regulator 3V REGULATOR SOT89 smd XC9226 XC6210B302 SOD 23 5.6v smd transistor 6B p-channel mosfet with diode sot89-5 0.9V - 1.5V led driver smd LDO SOT-25 mi809 TEXT
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Abstract: ) 50V 1000mW 10ÂuA (VR=50V) n/a 1.2pF max Ceramic SMD MI809 Temperature ... Torex Semiconductor

16 pages,
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XC6101C xc6101a TEXT
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Abstract: ■I b24Ta2T 0Q1774M 0Q1774M 3G1 ■ ANTENNA SWITCH MI809 PIN DIODE RF POWER SWITCHING DESCRIPTION The M I8 0 9 PIN diode is designed for solid state antenna switching applications in mobile , 0Q17745 0Q17745 ANTENNA SWITCH E4ô MI809 PIN DIODE RF POWER SWITCHING APPLICATION © 800MHz BAND , , , 1 0 0 0 MI809 p F C H IP C A P A C IT O R • RFC 9 TURN $ 4 â , ELECTRIC 1000 (M H z ) 4-23 ANTENNA SWITCH MI809 G0 1 7 7 Mh lflM ■ PIN DIODE RF ... OCR Scan

3 pages,
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0Q1774M TEXT
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MI809 Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor General Purpose PIN Diode

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