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MH8500 Datasheet

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Abstract: tip318 Power Transistors type no. polarity case maximum ratings min hfe vce(sat) V min (MHz) complementary type Pd W) 'c (a) V ceo (V) max â c (a) vce (V) max (V) 'c (a) MH0870 P TO-220 30 4 50 40 240 # 1 2 0.8 2 5 MH8700 MH8100 N TO-22C 12 3 30 40 240 # 0.5 2 0.8 2 30 MH0810 MH8106 INI TO-220 10 1 60 40 240 # 0.2 2 0.5 0.5 50 MH0816 IVI H8108 N TO-220 10 1 80 40 240 # 0.2 2 0.5 0.5 50 MH0818 MH8500 N TO-220 40 4 60 40 240 # 1 2 1.2 3 5 â'" MH8700 N TO-220 30 4 50 40 240 # 1 2 0.8
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2SD331 2SB512P tip318 TIP31N TIP308 2sb435 TIP298 TIP29 TIP30 TIP29A TIP30A TIP29B TIP30B


Abstract: 2SC1626 Power Transistors TYPE POLA CASE NO. RITY D45C12 MH0810 MH0816 MH0818 MH0870 MH8100 MH8106 MH8108 MH8500 MH8700 TIP29 TIP29A T1P29B TIP30 TIP30A TIP30B TIP31 TIP31A TIP31B TIP31C TIP32 TIP32A TIP32B T1P32C 2N6121 2N6122 2N6123 2N6124 2N6125 2N6126 2N6129 2N6130 2N6131 2N6288 2N6289 2N6290 2N6291 2N6292 2N6293 2N6473 2N6474 2SA473 2SA490 2SA670 2SA671 2SA816 2SB434 2SB435 2SB512 2SB512A P P P P P N N N N N N N N P P P N N N N P P P P N N N P P P N N N N N N N N N N N P P P P P P P P P TO-220 TO-220 TO
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2N6108 2SC1626 2sc1061 D44C12 TIP32C 2N6132 2N6133 2N6134 2N6111


Abstract: 40 40 40 240 240 240 240 240 MH8106 MH8108 MH8500 MH8700 TIP29 N N N N N TO
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T1P30B 2N6106 2N6109 2N6107 2N6110 2N6475


Abstract: 2SB657 BD273 BD274 2SD2233 PTC163 2N5191 2N5194 2N6122 2N6125 2SC2233 2SB566AK BD189 BD190 MH8500 M8500 M8500
Interconnect Devices
2SB657 BD587 BUY46 SK3026 motorola transistors to-220 BDX14 2N5295 2N5296 BDY83 2SB566K 2SB858


Abstract: MJE2481 2501251 MJ481 MJ481 MJ481 2SC2233 2501253 2501267 2SD857 BOY81 B0148 B0189 B0273 2SC789 MH8500 M8500 M8500
Short Form Catalog
MJE2481 MJE2483 044C8 2SB1825 30u60 b0587 BOY78 BOY71 B0439 2N3054


Abstract: BC109 BC184 BC549 MH8500 MH8700 MI31T MI31TA MI32T MI32TA MI33T MI38T MI51T MI51TA MIB33T MIB38T MIB51T MIB51TA MIB57T-J
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TTP31A TTP32 T1P32A 2SA532 BC109 BC184 BC549 2SC734 Y BC317 MS181A BC159 8 057-2G 1611G 1620G 1621-2G 1623G 1641G