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Abstract: MG200N1US1 HIGH POWER SWITCHING APPLICATIONS. MOTOR CONTROL APPLICATIONS. . High Input Impedance . High Speed : tf=l.Oys(Max.) trr= 0-5 ( i s(Max.) . Low Saturation Voltage: VcE(sat)= 5.0V(Max.) . , -40-125 2500 (AC 1 minute) 30/30 W °C °C V kg' cm A IFM PC Tj T stg Vlsol - 850 MG200N1US1 , =300A/fis Transistor Rth(j-c) Diode °c/w 851 MG200N1US1 COLLECTOR CURRENT I c (A , i £ © < a \ ^ r 1 1 C O o f £ o O g S 2 o Ü * s . S O o Gi N> " n -
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Abstract: GTR MODULL SILICON N CHANNEL IGBT MG200N1US1 HIGH P OWER S W I T C H I N G AP PL IC ATIONS. M OT OR CONT RO L APPL IC A TI ON S. . High Input Impedance . High Speed : tf = 1. Otis (Max.) trr= 0 ·5( i s (Max.) . Low Saturation Voltage: V c e (sat)= 5 .OV(Max.) . Enhancement-Mode . The , Torque (Terminal/Mounting) 525 MG200N1US1 E L E C TR IC AL C H AR A C T E R I S T I C S , COLLECTOH-EMITTEH VOLTAGE !C VGE V GE VCE (V) 527 VCE VCE " V GE VGE VCE- VGE _ ÛG MG200N1US1 -
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Abstract: MG200H1AL2 MG200H1FL1A MG200H2CK1 MG200H2YS1 MG200M1FK1 MG200M1UK1 MG200N1US1 MG200Q1UK1 MG300G1UL1 -
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2SK385 2SK529 2SK531 2SK673 2SK674 2SK791 2SK1124 mg15g1al3 MG400H1 2sk525 MP6101 2SJ115 2SJ123 2SJ147 2SK357 2SK358
Abstract: MG300H1US1 MG400H1US1 MG300J1US1 MG400J1US1 MG200N1US1 MG300N1US1 MG200Q1US1 MG300Q1US1 MG400Q1US1 MG25H2YS1 , MG75N1AS1 MG75N1BS1 MG75N2YS1 MG100N2YS1 MG100N2YS3 MG150N2YS1 MG200N1US1 MG300N1US1 VcES (V) 500 500 500 -
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GT50J101 MG25N2YS1 MG15J6ES1 MG100H2ZS1 MG50Q2YS1 MG150J2YS1 MG30H1BL1 s3885 MG100g2ys1 MP6502 MG25Q6ES1 GT8N101 GT8Q101 GT25H101P MG25H1BS1 GT25JI01
Abstract: MG75N1BS1 GT15Q101* GT25Q103 * (900V/60A) MG300H3US3 M G400HIUSI M G300J3ÜS3 M G400J1US3 MG200N1US1 -
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2SK537 2SK793 GT15H101 MG150Q2YS1 YTF830 MG100J2YS1 MG8J6ES1 2SK423 2SK422 2SK405 2SK526 2SK532 2SK387
Abstract: MG50J2YS50 MG200N1US1 MG50G2CL1 MG50G2CL3 MG300G1FG1 MG50G2CL2 MG50G2CL3 MG300H1FL1A -
1S1658 mg75n2ys40 MG15N6ES42 2SK150A 2sk270a MG150n2ys40 MG8N6ES42 02BZ2 1S2092 1SZ5759 02CZ2 1S2094 2N3055