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MC68HC000P12 Datasheet

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MC68HC000P12 Motorola / Freescale Semiconductor Microprocessor, sixteen 32-bit data and address registers, 16-Mbyte direct addressing range, memory-mapped input/output (I/O), 14 addressing modes, 12MHz

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Abstract: SG379/D SG379/D REV 7 Semiconductor Products Sector NORTH AMERICA SALES AND DISTRIBUTION PRICE LIST THIS BOOK IS IN COMPUTER SORT PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION ­ Please see General Information Section 1.3 EFFECTIVE DATE: JANUARY 10, 1998 General Information 1 Cross References 2 Pull Through Chart 3 Development Systems 4 Blue Chip Program 5 Commercial Component and Development Systems Pricing 6 General Information Elimination Of Ozone Depleting Chemicals ... Original

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MOTOROLA SC146D CHN NE555N NE555N sg379 transistor marking code 12W SOT-23 SG379/D SG379/D abstract
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includes the following part numbers: MC68HC000P8 MC68HC000P8 MC68HC000P8 MC68HC000P8, MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P10, MC68HC000P12, MC68HC000P16 MC68HC000P16 MC68HC000P16 MC68HC000P16, SC414028P16 SC414028P16 SC414028P16 SC414028P16 text Affected Device List (Without Specials) MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P10 MC68HC000P12
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