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M54571P Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Transistor Arrays and Package Data

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Abstract: Power Devices General Catalog The search for state-of-the-art technology has landed on energy-savings and environmental protection. Mitsubishi Power Devices meets demands for energy-saving and eco-friendly semiconductors with advanced technology and a diversified product lineup. Industrial use, Traction, Home appliances . wherever electric power or motor control is needed, we have the means and tools to oblige including industry-first DIP-IPM (Dual-In-line Package Intelligent Power Mo ... Original

30 pages,
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Mosfet RM3 induction cooker circuit diagram display HD H101 MITSUBISHI ipm MODULES ps rz-24 relay darlington fp 1016 PS2205X RM10TB HD H101 rm450ha-5h pwm INVERTER welder PS5 1020 rm30tna-h datasheet abstract
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Abstract: M IT S U B IS H I BIPO LAR D IG ITA L ICs M54571P 6 -U N IT 350m A TR A N S ISTO R ARRAY AND MOTOR D R IVER DESCRIPTION th e M54571P, 6-channel sink driver and voltage regulator, is designed for use with a small printer. PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) FEATURES · · · · High output sustaining voltage to 40V High output sink current to 350mA Voltage regulator with a control circuit W ide , S , FUNCTION The M54571P is designed for driving a small serial printer m ade by C ITIZE N and ... OCR Scan

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citizen calculator epson printer M54571 M54571P M54571P abstract
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Abstract: M54523P M54563P/FP M54563P/FP M54564P/FP M54564P/FP M54566P/FP M54566P/FP M54567P/FP M54567P/FP M54571P M54577P M54577P M54580P/FP M54580P/FP M54583P/FP M54583P/FP M54585P/FP M54585P/FP M54587P/FP M54587P/FP M ... OCR Scan

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"Darlington Transistor" Darlington transistor M54528P 8-unit darlington transistor array M54585P M54667 8-UNIT 20P2N 16P2N P2N DIODE r18p DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR ARRAY transistor array datasheet abstract
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Abstract: KP500 LiJ LiJ W L-il IU Lil iil Vcc gSd~ 16P4 16P2N 16P2N --- 16P4 1GP2N M54571P M54577P M54577P M54580P/FP M54580P/FP oout1 ... OCR Scan

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20P2E M54516P M54517P M54527P m54563 M54583P M63834FP m54571 M63823P M54666 M54534P M54562P 20P2N 16P2Z 16P2S datasheet abstract
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Abstract: M54517P M54517P M54519P/FP M54519P/FP M54522P/FP M54522P/FP M54527P M54527P M54528P M54528P M54530P/FP M54530P/FP M54531P/FP M54531P/FP M54534P/FP M54534P/FP M54537P/FP M54537P/FP M54571P , k k L Sink 1500 50 k k 41 M54571P 20P4 6 k k k k H , 350 600 150 IDF M54571P 16P2N 16P2N Vcc VB VZ VS 8 GND 40 30K 4.3K 2K ... Original

22 pages,
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M54563 M54527 M54587 M54563P 18p4g M54585KP M54531 1 Fp 33 transistor M54566P washing machine circuit diagram M54522P equivalent m54532p 16P2N M54566FP datasheet abstract
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