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Abstract: MITSUBISHI M51977P,FP SW ITC H IN G REGULATOR CONTROL DESCRIPTION M itsubishi 1C type M51977P, M51977FP are the off-line prim ary PWM con troller w hich are esp e c ia lly d e sig , rise and fast fall output pulse. Type M51977P, FP have the functions of not only high fre quency OSC , M51977P, FP are the pow erful and unique one so the SMPS w ith M51977P, FP w ill be able to realize such , 5 1 9 7 7 P .F P SW ITC H IN G REGULATOR CONTROL FUNCTION DESCRIPTION Type M51977P and M -
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M51977 voltage regulator ana 618 photo transistor til 78 51977FP 51977P CIRCUIT diagram OF SMPS IN PC
Abstract: Pin connection O ( ) : M51977P : M51977FP m 73 O 5 01 73 (0 ->l (fi , â'¢c description Type M51977P and M51977FP a r e e s p e c i a l l y designd for o f f - l i , connection diagram O : M51977P ( ) : M51977FP O U T ONI) ®( 0> 0 ( 1 7) Vo o 46(20 ) O H , Example a p p l i c a t i o n F ig .2 Example of feed diagraa circuit of M51977P/FP , h a s t h e d c sto p p e r f u n c t i 0 n. n Fig. 27 Equivalent c i r c u i t diagran of -
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Abstract: 8.99 M5186P 8.99 M51977P 4.40 M51995AP 2.08 M51995P 2.08 M52023SP 9.83 M5216L 0.94 M5218 0.34 M5218AL MCM in One Catalog
STk442-130 M56730ASP PAC011A PAC010A UPC2581 PAL005A A3141LUA A3212ELHLT A3280LLHLT A3515EUA A3515LUA A3516LUA
Abstract: PGM input is pulsed low for each address to be programmed. This is equivalent to the /E on the 2732A Intersil
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