LT1086-3 Datasheet

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LT1086-3.3 Linear Technology 1.5A Low Dropout Positive Regulators Adjustable and Fixed 2.85V, 3.3V, 3.6V, 5V, 12V Original


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Abstract: )* LT1086-3 3 (1.5A)* L T 1117-3 3 (0.8A)* LT 1121-3 3 (0.15A) LT1129-3 3 (0.7A)* LT1584-3 3 (7A) LT1585-3 .3 (4.6A)* LT1587-3 3 (3A)* Fixed 3.6V LT1085-3.6 (3A)* LT1086-3.6 (1.5A)* LT1585-3.6 (4A -
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LT1083-12 LT1084-12 LT1084-5 LT1083 LT1084-3.3 LT1084 12v lt1084 LT1084 LT1085 LT1086 LT1120 LT1120A LT1121
Abstract: LINEAR REGULATORS Positive Low Dropout Fixed 2.85V Adjustable LT1020 (0.125A) LT1083 (7.5A) LT1084(5A) LT1085(3A) LT1086 (1.SA)* LT1117 (0.8A)*' " LT1120 (0.125A) LT1120A (0.125A) LT 1121 (0.150A) LT1129 (0.700A)*' LT1521 (0.3A) LT1529 (3A) LT1580 (7A) LT1584 (7A) LT1585 (4.6A)LT1585A (5A) LT1587 (3A)* Fixed 3.3V LT1084-3 3 (SA) LT1085-3 3 (3A) * LT1086-3 3 (1 5A) LT1117-3 3 (0.8A)* LT1121-3 .3 (0.15A , -3.38 (7A) LT1585-3.38 (4A)* Fixed 3.6V LT1085-3.6 (3A)* LT1086-3.6 (1.5A)* LT1584-3.6 (7A) LT1585 -
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LT1528-3 LT1083-5 LT1086-5 LT1123 LT1003 S0T223 LT11173 LT1117-3.3 LT137A LT1521-3 LT1529-3 LT1585A- LT1085-5
Abstract: ) , LT1129-3.3 (0.7A)* * LT1117-3.3 (0.8A)* LT1086-3.3 (1.5A)* LT1764-3.3 (3A)* LT1085-3.3 (3A , ) LT1764-2.5 (3A)* LT1580-2.5(7A) LT1581-2.5 (10A) Fixed 5V Fixed 3.38V LT1086-3.6 (1.5A , 3.3V 3.38V 3.45V 3.6V 1.5A LT1086 LT1086 LT1086 LT1086-3.3 LT1086 LT1086 LT1086-3.6 3A LT1764 LT1587-1.5 LT1764-1.8 LT1764-1.8 LT1587 LT1764-2.5 LT1580 ZiLOG
triac MAC 97 A6 triac MAC 97 A8 ESDA25B1 eZ801900100ZCO THERMOSTAT SCHEMATIC 74HCT374 Z80190 UM014107-0307
Abstract: 74LVC04/SO R15 10K J10 R14 LT1086-3.3/TO220 330nF R25 VDD VDD 680 68 GND U17B ZiLOG
RS485 XCVR cewe 25X2 QS001 panasonic goldcap MT5656SMI MT5600SMI SF56D SC56H Z80F92 UM013911-0607
Abstract: LT1086-3.3/TO220 PA5_TXD0 + C8 C9 P1 C2T1IN T1OUT T2IN T2OUT R1IN 16 10 Linear Technology
LT1763 lm117 3.3V LT1085-12 LT1038 LT123A 11V-25V LT1761 LT1762 LT1579 LT1528 LT1581
Abstract: LT1084-33 LT1085 LT1085-33 LT1086 LT1086-33 LT1117 LT1117-18 LT1117-25 LT1117-33 LT1580 LT1582 ZiLOG
Z8ENCORE000ZCO PCA8550 rs485 modem v.34 rj11 connection to db9 diagram z8 microcontroller sample programs ut 0903 Z8F64 CT34 UM014604-0903 RS-232 RS-485
Abstract: LT1086-3.3/TO220 C24 GND AVDD PH0/ALG8 PH1/ALG9 PB0/ALG0 PB1/ALG1 PB4/ALG4 PB5/ALG5 PB6 ZiLOG
F64XX ALG10 zilog Smart usb cable schematic jack female trs UM0128 UM0151 Z8F64200100KITG UM015110-0508 Z8F6423FT020
Abstract: 25uF, (VIN ­ VOUT) = 3V LT1086-2.85 VIN = 6V LT1086-3.3 VIN = 6.3V LT1086-3.6 VIN = 6.6V LT1086 , LT1086/LT1086H (VIN ­ VOUT) = 25V (Note 5) q 5 10 mA LT1086-2.85 LT1086-3.3 LT1086-3.6 , APPLICATIO 5V to 3.3V Regulator VIN 4.75V IN LT1086-3.3 OUT 3.3V AT 1.5A GND 10uF , Reference Voltage (Note 3) LT1086, LT1086H Output Voltage (Note 3) LT1086-2.85 LT1086-3.3 LT1086-3.6 LT1086-5 MIN TYP MAX UNITS q 1.238 1.225 1.250 1.250 1.262 1.270 International Rectifier
PH ON 823 m 8645 AS1117-18 as1117-33 fz 79 1500uf as1117 L 33 AS1117-25
Abstract: VCC_33V GND RXE160 5VDC IN VIN C18 0.1uF + R36 680 C19 22uF C LT1086-3.3 ZiLOG
Battery charger 48 volt circuit diagram High Current Battery Charger BATERY CHARGER Yuasa battery battery charger schematic 24V LM324 BATTERY CHARGER AN013702-0403
Abstract: 4 5 7 GND 3 1 VIN VOUT GND 2 3.3V + C6 VCC_33V VCC_33V 5 6 14 LT1086-3.3 Linear Technology
Stancor LT1086CH P-8685 LT1086MH LT1086CT12 LT1086CK-5 LT1764/LT1764A LT1962 LT1963/LT1963A LT1964
Abstract: + 3 VCC_33V 2 VIN VOUT GND P1 R1 LT1086-3.3/TO220 PA5_TXD0 + C8 C9 T1IN ZiLOG
F0822 3 x 4 MATRIX keypad keypad interfacing compass sensor 1490 dinsmore 1490 compass circuit HANTRONIX 16X2 LCD JTAG header 10x2 Connector UM016905-1207
Abstract: /6.3 U21 74LVC04/SO R15 10K J10 R14 LT1086-3.3/TO220 330nF R25 VDD 14 C ZiLOG
MTSMC-G-F1 74LV05 KS8001L MTSMC-G-F2 TC74LVC08 Z80F91 UM017010-0112 96C0942-001 UM017009-0708
Abstract: R14 LT1086-3.3/TO220 680 C24 + C23 0.1 100/6.3 D6 VDD GREEN GND PC1 R17 ZiLOG
Z8F08200100KIT RXE110 service manual schematics UM015004-1105 3/TO220 MAX3222 RS232
Abstract: -2.85 LT1086-3.3 LT1086-3.6 LT1086-5 MIN TYP MAX UNITS q 1.238 1.225 1.250 1.250 , -2.85 LT1086-3.3 LT1086-3.6 LT1086-5 LT1086-12 VIN 18V VIN 18V VIN 18V VIN 20V VIN 25V q q , = 6V LT1086-3.3 VIN = 6.3V LT1086-3.6 VIN = 6.6V LT1086-5 VIN = 8V LT1083-12 VIN = 15V , APPLICATIO 5V to 3.3V Regulator VIN 4.75V IN LT1086-3.3 OUT 3.3V AT 1.5A GND 10uF , °C q LT1086-3.6 0.3 0.6 6 6 mV mV 0.5 1.0 10 10 mV mV 0.5 1.0 10 10 ZiLOG
Z16F2811F120SG CT42 mb DS1722 led dot matrix drive schematics SC56H1 UM0171 UM019702-0908 TC74LVT125 RS485 DS1487 96C0868-001
Abstract: C18 0.1u LT1086-3.3/DD Power Adaptor R2 50 R3 82 A0- C10 0.1u A0+ R4 50 JC2 INTEGRAL
IL311ANM tda8362b ILa1519B1Q iff4n60 IN1307N tda8890
Abstract: VIN VOUT GND P1 R1 LT1086-3.3/TO220 PA5_TXD0 + C8 C9 T1IN T1OUT T2IN T2OUT ZiLOG
batery chargers 2n2222 h 331 PANASONIC LEAD ACID BATTERY Eveready batery protect Batery monitoring AN013701-0203 AN013701-0303
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