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LRS1304 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
LRS1304 Sharp Stacked Chip 8M (x16) Flash Memory and 1M (x16) SRAM Original


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Abstract: PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ® Integrated Circuits Group LRS1304 Stacked Chip 8M (×16) Flash Memory and 1M (×16) SRAM (Model No.: LRS1304) Spec No.: MFM2-J10205A Issue Date: April 15, 1998 # class="hl">LRS1304, Flash Memory, Flash, Non-Volatile Memory, Flash E2ROM, Flash ROM, Read Only Memory, ETOX, Static, SRAM, RAM, Random Access Memory, Stacked Chip, Combo Chips, Combination Chip, Stack Chip Sharp Sharp
integrated circuit RAM and ROM etox rom memory read only memory RAM memory chip
Abstract: -:S13011 LR-S1302 LR-S1304 ÌL R -S 1 3 0 3 70 150 70 ~1~50~ 85 T50~ 85 150 85 12 12 15 2.7 -
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40TSOP 1/40TSOP 40TSO V40TSO LR-S1310 LR-S1311
Abstract: SRAM X X X X X 8 8 8 8 16 LR-S13011 LR-S1302 LR-S1304 LR-S1303 LR-S1313 LR-S1306 LR-S1305A -
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sharp mask rom LR-S1307 48TSOP 16MFLASH LR-S1314 LR-S1310A LR-S1311A
Abstract: INTRODUCTION Table 1. Vc c and VPP Voltage Combinations This datasheet contains LRS1304 specifications. Section , and functionality. Section 6 covers electrical specifications. 1.1 N ew Features The LRS1304 Flash , out by WP to Low and RP to VlH- connection to 3 . 3 V . 1.2 Product Overview The LRS1304 is a , m eans F-RY/BY in the Part 1. SHARP LRS 1 3 0 4 12 2 PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION The LRS1304 -
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Abstract: LI3512H2 LI3515H2 LI3517H2 70 70 70 LR-S13011 LR-S1302 LR-S1303 LR-S1304 LR-S1305A LR-S1306 LR-S1307 -
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IR3T24N IR3Y08 IR2339 IR2E02 IR3Y29B ir3y26a1 IR4N IR9358 ARM710 ARM810 IR3T24 IR3Y05Y
Abstract: . 5 LR-S1304. 5 LR-S1305. 5 LR-S1306 -
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LM24P20 LQ070T5BG01 LM162KS1 BSCR86L00 LM5Q31 BSCU86L60 GL1PR112 GL1PR135 GL1PR136 GL1PR211 GL1PR212 GL3KG63
Abstract: . Package SDP-UNIV-40TSS 2M(x8) LRS1304 48STSOP 8M(x16) Top Boot 1M(x16) LH28F800BVE-T Sharp
AF9708 lh28f320bjd AF-9706 SDP-UNIV-48TS 1E07AA 1E08AB LH28F320BJD-TTL LH28F640BFHE-PBTLZF LRS1393 LRS1395 LRS1827 LRS1B09 LRS1B11