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LMX2330 "pin-compatible"

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Abstract: pin-compatible lower-phase-noise replacements for the LMX2306 LMX2306, LMX2316 LMX2316, and LMX2326 LMX2326, single devices , LMX2336 LMX2336 ADF4216 ADF4216 ADF4217 ADF4217 ADF4218 ADF4218 0.5/1.2GHz 0.5/2.0GHz 0.5/2.5GHz LMX2332 LMX2332 LMX2331 LMX2331 LMX2330 ... Original

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2,7GHz PRESCALER ADF4116 ADF4117 ADF4118 LMX2306 ADF4110 LMX2316 LMX2326 LMX2330 LMX2332 LMX2337 ADF4112 LMX2336 ADF4113 ADF4000 ADF4000 ADF4000 abstract
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Abstract: Product Line Cross Reference CYPRESS CYPRESS CYPRESS CYPRESS CYPRESS CY2148-35C CY2148-35C CY21L48-35C CY21L48-35C CY7C168A-35C CY7C168A-35C CY7C168A-25C CY7C168A-25C 5962-8871309XX 5962-8871309XX 5962-89839112X 5962-89839112X CY2148-35C CY2148-35C CY7C148-35C CY7C148-35C CY7C168A-45M CY7C168A-45M CY7C168A-35M CY7C168A-35M+ 5962-8871310RX 5962-8871310RX 5962-8983913RX 5962-8983913RX CY2148-35M CY2148-35M CY7C148-35M CY7C148-35M CY7C169A-35C CY7C169A-35C CY7C169A-25C CY7C169A-25C 5962-8871310XX 5962-8871310XX 5962-89839112X 5962-89839112X CY2148-35C CY2148-35C CY7C169A-40M CY7C169A-40M CY7C169A-35M CY7C169A-35M+ 5962-8871311RX 5962-8871311RX 5962-8983913RX 5962-8983913RX CY2148-45C CY2148-45C CY21L48-45C CY21L48-45C CY7C191-4 CY7C191-4 ... Original

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All devices pin-for-pin compatible EPM5064JC-1 Motorola suffix EPM5128LC1 5962-8983904RX EPM5130GC-1 7C1350-100AC 5962-8871309 8464c EPM5128JC-1 EPM5128LC-1 EPM5128GI EPM5128LC-2 CY2148-35C CY2148-35C CY2148-35C abstract
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Abstract: HP4352B 8200PF is pin-compatible to the UMA1015MA UMA1015MA. The part features: · Separate Vp and VCC inputs · A PS , with the LMX2330 Dual PLL while the MB15U32 MB15U32 is pin and function compatible with the LMX2332 LMX2332 Dual PLL. ... Original

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MB15A mb15b13 MB15E mb15e03 equivalent mb15e03l UMA1015MA MB15E07L LMX2336 MB15ExxSL MB15Exx synthesizer pll mb15e03l LOG RX 2 - 1031 16 pin IC MB15U36 LMX2330 pin-compatible datasheet abstract
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