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Abstract: EB401 EB401 Evaluation Board User's Guide Preliminary This document is preliminary. As such, it contains data derived from functional simulations and performance estimates. LSI Logic has not verified either the functional descriptions, or the electrical and mechanical specifications using production parts. This document contains proprietary information of LSI Logic Corporation. The information contained herein is not to be used by or disclosed to third parties without the express writt ... Original

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stereo plug 3.5mm db9f BTS 132 SMD EB401 IC 7408 internal pin configuration of ic 7408 jtag-based L2014 LSI401Z marking LSILOGIC MARKING CODE SMD IC C59 LM338AT marking L6A ic 7408 AND GATE IC WORKING EB401 abstract
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Abstract: 0 6 0 -3 0 ! V|N 5V0UT > ADJ T L /H /9 0 6 0 -3 1 Order Number LM338AT/LM330T See NS ... OCR Scan

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7105A-AT7-502 LM338K STEEL LM338AT 906021 LM338 7105A-at7 502 LM voltage regulators lm338 application lm338ak LM338A sc LM338k LM33B iM338 LM138A/LM138/LM338A/LM338 LM138A/LM138/LM338A/LM338 LM138A/LM138 LM138A/LM138/LM338A/LM338 abstract
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* Fixed PCR-800550 PCR-800550 PCR-800550 PCR-800550: modified this file for Reserved Keywords, ramant * Added New Volatage Regulator Models ; Sripada 12/15/2006 *$ model description: "awbad584" *a Device model created by analog_uprev for ad584 on Mon Mar 5 15:14:03 IST 2001 .subckt awbad584 5 20 17 11 2 13 8 21 VV34 5 16 5 DD48 20 16 M1M1N4148 M1M1N4148 M1M1N4148 M1M1N4148 1 .MODEL M1M1N4148 M1M1N4148 M1M1N4148 M1M1N4148 D TT=5.000000N 000000N 000000N 000000N KF=0 BV=120 IS=1.000000N 000000N 000000N 000000N AF=1 CJO= + 1.850000P 850000P 850000P 850000P VJ=650.000000M 000000M 000000M 000000M M=180.000000M 000000M 000000M 000000M FC=500.000000M 000000M 000000M 000000M N=1.55 XTI=3 + EG=1.11 RS=500.000000M 000000M 000000M 000000M IBV=1 *
Spice Models 21/06/2007 233.71 Kb LIB vr.lib

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LM338AT National Semiconductor Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator - Positive, Adj 1.2V to 32V, 1% Initial Volt Tol

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