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LC866032B Sanyo Semiconductor 8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller On-Chip 32K-Byte ROM and On-Chip 512-Byte Original


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Abstract: Ordering number : ENN*4280A LC866032B/28B/24B CMOS IC LC866032B/28B/24B 8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller On-Chip 32/28/24K-Byte ROM and On-Chip 512-Byte Preliminary Overview The LC866032B / 28B / 24B , 4us 7.5us 15us 183us 366us LC866032B 32512!8 bits LC866028B 28672!8 bits LC866024B 24576!8 bits LC866032B / 28B / 24B 512!8 bits 0.5us (using 12MHz CF resonator oscillation) Bus cycle time , D2800 RM (IM) TI No.4280-1/20 LC866032B/28B/24B (5) Ports : - Input / output ports : 2 ports (16 SANYO Electric
4280a KYOCERA KBR LC86E6032 LC86P6032 s16 transistor LC866032B/28B/24B 32/28/24K-B 512-B LC66000
Abstract: Ordering number: EN S&4280 T 'W LC866032B,866028B,866024B No. * 4 2 8 0 SA W O - l 0 - 0% CM O S LSI i 8-Bit Single Chip Microcomputer LC866032B On-chip 32KBytes ROM and On-chip , Microcomputer Overview The LC866032B/28B/24B microcomputers are 8-bit single chip microcomputers with the , LC866032B 32512 X 8 bits LC866028B 28672 X 8 bits LC866024B 24576 X 8 bits LC866032B/28B/24B 512 X 8 , ¡ ti b ô 4 S7T LC866032B,866028B,866024B MTSAJ T -49-19-08 (5) Ports : - Input/output -
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8660-248 DT-38 1TA252E00 KF-38G-13P0200 T-49-19-08
Abstract: Ordering number: EN ÃK4280 CMOS LSI i j SANYO No. *4280 LC866032B,866028B,866024B 8-Bit Single Chip Microcomputer Preliminary LC866032B LC866028B LC866024B On-chip 32KBytes ROM and On-chip , Microcomputer On-chip 24KBytes ROM and On-chip 512Bytes 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer Overview The LC866032B , ) Minimum bus cycle time : (4) Minimum instruction cycle time LC866032B LC866028B LC866024B LC866032B , E io CNJ SANYO : DIP64S No.4280-4/20 LC866032B,866028B,866024B Pin Assignment â'¢QFP64 ssi s -
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CSA12.0MTZ MURATA 1HT1 CFL dimmer trailing sj 3159 VFD 818
Abstract: (ultraviolet erasable and programmable ROM) is built in. This corresponds to 6232JN No.4300-1/20 LC86E6032 ROM space OOOOH LC866032B , LC866000A seríese (mask ROM version) Item LC86E6032 LC866032B/28 B/24B/20A/16A/12A/08 A Operating -
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s4t4 ci 4560 430-014 transistor P7d 4560 LC86E6Q32 LC866032B/28B/24B/20A/16A12A/08A DIC-64S QFC-64E 7F00H
Abstract: corresponds to LC866032B 7F00H area 256 , to S29 Operating supply voltage range (VDD) LC86E6032 SANYO Electric
LC866012 programmers 1890a M8660 PKW 3000 QFC64 vfd display drive 3126-DIC64S LC866032B/28B/24B/20A/16A/12A/08A DIC64S 3152-QFC64E QIC64E
Abstract: . This corresponds to LC866032B/24AB/20A/16A/12A/08A. (3) The pin and package compatible with mask ROM , LC866032B 7F00H Option data Option data area 256 bytes 32K 7FFFH LC866028B LC866024B , provided Operating supply 4.5 to 6.0V voltage range (VDD) SANYO Electric
EN4212 LC866000 AVAL DATA PKW 1100 prom Programmers k 4212 3071-DIP64S LC866032B/24AB/20A/16A/12A/08A DIP-64S QFP-64E
Abstract: LC864A20V - LC866032B - LC866636V LC876A48C LC865008A LC875924A LC866032W - -
LC876A64C lc864616a lc864728v LC863532C LC863232v LC864721A lc864016v 32807HKIM LC573212A LC877816A LC662306B LC863224A LC863224C
Abstract: outputs A/D Ports Sl/O Tim ers converter Package Evaluation chip N otes LC866032B LC 866028B -
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866012 LC86000 LC8664XX 0D1331E