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LA5640N Datasheet

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LA5640N N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
LA5640N N/A The Power Supply IC Data Book 1993 Scan
LA5640N Sanyo Semiconductor Voltage Regulator for LCD Scan
LA5640N Sanyo Semiconductor Voltage regulator for LCDs Scan


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lcd desktop circuit

Abstract: 3177A Ordering number:EN 3177A Monolithic Linear IC LA5640N Voltage Regulator for LCD The LA5640N is a voltage regulator IC for use in LCD-used sets as well as desk-top calculators. This IC, designed for LSI which drives LCD, regulates LCD driving voltage of LSI according to the temperature characteristic of LCD so that the variations in temperature cause no shading of LCD. Features â  Small , LA5640N Vo - Ta 1 /-JV o
OCR Scan
lcd desktop circuit 3177A sanyo lcd


Abstract: LA5640N LA5640N LCDffl^S^S LCD ¡ascioT LCD tscSRSffi^V'« m tin.^'os.mmm.^^-itx» 5. o ffiimffi -3.15V typ O ffi^mSt- -50â'"250M O tKiimffiSÃ"«® "-11.2mV/ r typ o w.mm.s.9m-4~7v O StjtWflE- -20/uA typ oz-i.yrâ'"v> st'y SILi>(TCH92) -93-= (Ta = 25C)â'" Vcc : 8.5V /our : 300//A PD : 300mW Tm : -25-+75C TW : - 55â'"+ 125 t (Fcc = 6V, râ'ž = 251) IB # »1 £ * # LA5640N # & ® 'h « * * * V(HfT Va:=4~7V1W=50~250PA{aT3-lH) 2.90 3.15 3.4 V /offr=50~250/iA. Tâ'ž=40t 2.7 2.95 3.2 W=50~250
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Abstract: LA5640N Ordering number : EN 3177A Monolithic Linear IC LA5640N Voltage Regulator for LCD SANYO Electric
SANYO Electric


Abstract: LB1887 LA5626V LA5640N LA6082S LA6462S LA6503 LA6530 LA6533 LA6534 LA6540M LA6600M LA7054Z LA71004M
L5631 LA4138 LA4705N LA7333 LA7377A LA7396 LA7676 LB1887 LB1887N LA7397 la7340 ENN8308 L5431 LA1232 LA1261 LA1806


Abstract: 3032B SIP 18H 3109 LA5605* LA5640N LA5655 LA5658 LA5665 LA5668 LA5677M SIP NP SIP SIP SIP SIP
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3032B LA5009M STK772B LA5601 LA5005M LA5006M LA5005 LA5008M


Abstract: LCD 7 segment display with 13 pins Continued from preceding' page. SANYO SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 32E D 7TT7D713 0a0?5b7 B LCD CONTROLLERS, DRIVERS (monolithic integrated circuit) ¿Type ' ; Number V "Padca¿ si H 9ir -i* tr^TÏ ïCase Pins & Variation. Package â'¢ Circuit Functions & Applications , ;". * ' -MainSpecifications - '¿«7 \ LA5640N I NP T 3131 : Voltage Regulator for LCD 3.15 V,300//A, temp. char, of output voltage: same as LCD (temp, coefficient of output i 1 voltage 11.2mV/°Ctyp) LC7580 [QIP 64A 3057 1 LCD Driver 1 Static 1/lduty 53
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LB8555M LC7730 lb902 LCD 7 segment display with 13 pins lb8100m LB9051 MSM5298 3026BJ LC7582 LC7583 LC7584N 3044B LC7930N


Abstract: ir 3037a ¡uA output current, sa m e 11,2 m V 'd e g C (typl LA5640N LC7582A NP Q IP 3 64A 3131 3057
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LB1824 ir 3037a 3036B 2028H Brushless Motor Speed Control lb1823 lb1833 LB1676M LC7991 30SLF LA5310M LA5311M LA5315M