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MSP430-3P-ENFOR-GPS0401-EVM Texas Instruments Enabler L ri Buy
FSGM0465RBLDTU Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation SMPS Power Switch, 4A, 650V (Green), 6LD,TO220,FULLPACK,L-FORMING, 400/RAIL ri Buy
DFB20100F162 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Glass-Passivated Bridge Rectifier, 4LD, TS6P, THROUGH-HOLE, MOLDED PACKAGE, L-FORMING, 100/BULK ri Buy


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Abstract: ) D .475 (12.07) F .450 (11.43) RHOMBUS P/N: L-20508 CUST P/N: DATE: 7/29/96 Rhombus ... Original

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smps diagram schematics L-20508 B 511 transistor smps transformers smps Schematic Diagram SMPS CIRCUIT DIAGRAM datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Data sheet E 4/4.934 - 10499 CNS thin film semi custom precision resistor networks ­ single in line They can be delivered in a very short period of time with no NRE. A lot of different configurations are available. On a given network it is possible to get different ohmic values, the ratio between the largest and the smallest ones can be as high as 200 (or even more). The main features of these networks are : G G G G G G SHORT DELIVERY TIME - NO NRE HIGH VERSATILITY LOW TCR < ±15 ppm/°C ... Original

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datasheet abstract
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L-20508 Buy PE-53114 Buy KM-4.0 Toroid Inductors for NAT.